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1 December in Alba Iulia



1-decembrie.jpg Romanian Day

The 1st of December – a holiday for every Romanian. This year it was celebrated with great fanfare. Despite the bad weather, in Alba Iulia over a thousand people gathered to celebrate the Day of Romania and the Great Union of 1918.

On this occasion, a lot of cultural events took place in the entire country. In Alba Iulia - considered the city of Union, the celebration began with submition of garlands and wreaths at the statues of the founders of Greater Romania – I.C.Bratianu, Iuliu Maniu and the first unifier of the Big Romania – M. Viteazul. After the participants came from all over Romania and have girded the Union Dance, the ceremony continued with a series of concerts and patriotic songs.

The basic element which was present it was the three-colored flag.

Alba Iulia is the city where the Union of the Romanian Principalities (Transylvania, Big Romania, Bukovina and Bessarabia) was signed. The 1st of December, 1918 is a day which will stay forever in the memory of every Romanian citizen. It represents their struggle for national wholeness. Alba-Iulia is the city where the national spirit is stronger than anywhere else.