European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Activities in Revista Liceului Grup Scolar Forestier


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written by Märt Pentson on Nov 10 2009 (23:43)

During the first two months we stepped the first stepts which were introducing ourselves, our countries and our intentions to everyone. But also we learned how things work in that school. Who should we ask if we need help and how is school life in Romania generally. And of course about Forestier rules and traditions.Quickly we started to blend in to the personal and the students started to treat us like their friends. We even received our own office. I was truly suprised as it all happend so fast.within days!At first we just witnessed most of the activites such as ball preparations and football competition. But the it was time for us to get more serious with the organizing. Quickly we started to work on the school magazine. Organizing the educational competition and working on the Halloween party. We also organized a ecological day on the 3-th of november which was atleast from my point of view great success. As we picked up so much garbage from the school territory!