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Career lessons in Curcubeu Center



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Newsletter - Career workshops in Curcubeu

From the middle of April, several workshops about career advice were held by volunteers in Curcubeu, a center for Roma children of all ages. 

The aim of this activities was to make the children think about both their dream profession as well as their possibilities. Even though the chidren are quite young, of course, to think about these matters in a realistic way, we wanted them to just freely consider their skills and vocation. 

For example, I organized a workshop about journalism. At first, the children had to do a brainstorming about working place and daily activities of a journalist, then, they read several texts from a children's magazine. Since this texts were mostly about the beginning of spring and childhood, we combined them with an exercise in English language in which the children learned some new vocabulary. In the end, we asked the children to write a short essay about a family member, a fictive or famous person they admire. 

Personnally, I was surprised of the interest the children showed and also of their eagerness to read. Other volunteers organized workshops about architecture, engineering and sports, including various activities such as construction of houses, drawing, playing games... and also, they felt satisfied with the result of their work. 

However, in my view, the purpose of our workshops was not so much to make the children alert to their situation - meaning their possibilities regarding education and employment market - but to make them focus on their personal strenghts and also their ability to work in a team. For me, it was a good opportunity to see with which activities it would be good to carry on. Reading the texts produced by the children, 

I found out what a valuable quality it is to have a powerful imagination - and that a lot of children nowadays need some reassurance in order to use theirs. Therefore I feel encouraged to try to make the Curcubeu children read. I quite agree with doing sports and games to let young people blow off their steam - but still, I think that it is more essential to have a free mind.