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Cimitirul in Semlac




This morning when I woke up I have finally decided to visit the Cemetry of Semlac.

The Cemetry in Semlac is close to the train station, so many times before I saw it and I was thinking in visit it once time.

The Cemetry is big, when you entry you can see one part separate with a group of graves that in their tombstones are writtin in germany. After this, on the left you find another group writting in romanian language.

The most of the graves are not really old belongs to the 20th century and 21st Century.

I was surprised that in some of them there is not name and only are signed with a wood or metal cross.

All of them are graves so has not any different kind of structure are all under the land, some are crypts with a family or a couple but are not really big althoug are bigger than the others.

In another part of the Cemetry you can find a closed area with some graves belong to the other group.

After my visit I went to the City Hall and I asked why are different groups or areas inside the Cemetry.

at the beginig I was thinking that maybe this difference is because in Semlac there was a big comunity of German population in the past, but Anca, One of the employee of the City Hall, told me that the different areas in the Cemetry are related to the Religion.

So, in the cemetry of Semlac there are three diferents areas. one of this is for orthodox people, another for Grecocatholic and the las one for evangelist. This is anothe characteristic of this village, you can see that in this village diferents religions are living together and they have their places to rest too!

Marina, Semlac 15 February