European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Colleagues from Covasint



   Being spread in Covasint community I was lucky to have as colleagues 3 people in Spain: Maria del Mar, Jesus, Juan Jo. Living together with them I discovered cultural differences. The first one is that they eat at different times of the day than us, namely morning at 9.00, noon to 15.00, the evening which was most surprising is that they can eat at 21.00, 23. 00 and even 24 at night. . . So it was quite difficult to accommodate me in the time zone of their food. But human has to get used feature, so eventually I settled.

But in the end of meals that you have a lot in common with ours but as I say use those igrediente that is different, the same vegetables but I name them in a specific way, for example Paella prepare the rice and meat. Paella is probably the most famous dish of the rich and varied cuisine Spanish. The origin of paella, like all the popular dishes of each area, is only the conjunction of the elements that each village was surrounded, at us the same meal is rise with meat, another traditional food of Spain's Tortilla is cooking with potatoes and eggs and we eat all the same I have called no way. Also I must to mention that I have not ever heard about Pasta Bolognesa and Pasta Carbonata, which is traditional for Italians, also you must to know that Spanish people eat spinach, eating yesterday spinach prepared with mushrooms, eggs, bacon, onion I remember my childhood when my grandmather prepared for me nettle (urzica) with cream. The person who is always cooking is Juan Jo, me and Maria offer him help and very important to note is that Jesus is already expert at washing dishes, now I think he is not happy that he agreed wash dishes.

   The second would be the mentality that you obviously generally speaking Eastern Europe are a different thought and the Western country. We are more religious and our morality is more rigid, while they do not take into account the so-called "rules" that are written in the Bible what is important for them to feel good with themselves, because of experience as a volunteer in Romania have started to understand this difference and perceive as normal. Living with volunteers from Spain it’s like being sometimes not in Roumania but in Spain, but of course not with my entire mind, because I’m sure the biggest difference I can feel is being in their country.

   So similar to the food and culture you can meet many, realize that we are not as different as try to pretend theorists who study different cultures. If I was in Moldova I have found so many differences while I’m in their company I don’t feel much difference, only the cultural differences that should just exist. What remains to be important is that Spanish and Romanian culture being different can understand, you need just English language and people open to communication. I thank colleagues in Covasint that I did not feel much difference between them and us.