European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Debates 16/12/09




Here they are our three debates of the week. Soon we will upload pictures about this and the last week ones.


2030: You and the world

Date: 16 december 2009

Time: 1 hour (8-9)

Place: School, English class, Group VII

Number of children: +/- 15

Language: English.

Materials obtained: Report and pictures.


We have proposed them writing a short presentation about how they see themselves in 20 years, according to this scheme:What will be your job? Where will you live? What will you do in your free time?Which will be the main changes in the world?After fifteen-twenty minutes, the ten girls and one of the boys (the other four rejected to do the activity) read their texts. Generally writing, it was like that:

Jobs: People spoke about having good conditions of life (salary, car, house). One of the girls mentioned an specific job: Journalist.

Personal life:The ones who wrote about the place where they want to live, mentioned Bucharest, "another bigger city than Covasint" or abroad ("not in România"). All that mentioned their personal status, told us that wanted to be marry and/or having children. 

World: They expect changes in the world. For instance: "there will be more machines".


The children were open to the activity, although they prefered write about their personal situation than about world situation in 2030. In their speech, maybe they were too abstracts, but all of them, included the ones who didn't participate, discuss about the debate proposition.


Romania-Spania stereotypes

Date: 16 december 2009

Time: 1 hour (12-13)

Place: School, English class, Group VIII

Number of children: +/- 12

Language: English.

Materials obtained: Report and pictures.


People were divided in three groups. They have to choose a leader who read the answers to one of these aspects:

a) Write five characteristics about how you see spanish people.

b) Write five characteristic about how you see romanian people.

c) Write five characteristics about how you think spanish people see you.

After fifteen minutes of discussion, they have presented their conclusions:

a) Spanish people: More corrects, richer, more polite, kinder and their language is easier.

b) Romanian people: Interesting history (epic, battles); they are clever (for instance: the right hand of Bill Gates is romanian); they are good in sports (football, gymanstic, etc).

c) How spanish people see romanian people: They think that romanian people live in houses of tratched roof; that work very hard; that they are talented and clever; and that they have a great football team.


We have discussed some points, for example, the false perspective that the gap between Spain and Romania is so big (in all countries are polite people, and, by the way, in some parts of Romania are opener and more curious than in Spain). Or, on the other hand, we have remarked that romanian people are considered good workers and a tough country, mantaining its identity and surviving to the communism. We have mentioned specifically the facility of romanian people for learning languages (specially spanish). In general, the children wanted to know our impression about Romania and, for this reason, we have finished the debate with a speech about how we see Romania along our first months.


Free time: Six gates.

Date: 16 december 2009

Time: 1 hour (13-14)

Place: School, English class, Group VI

Number of children: +/- 12

Language: Romanian.

Materials obtained: Report and pictures.

Description: Firstly, they have chosen between Internet, Tv, books, music, painting and sports as favourite activity for the free time. Secondly, we obtained this result:

-Internet: 5.


-Painting: 4.

-Music: 2.

-TV: 0.

-Music: 0.

We have divided them according to their choice (four groups) and they have written why they prefer that activity and why they rejected the other ones. After 15 minutes of deliberation, that were their conclusions:

1) Music group: -Music can express feelings, like happiness and it cheers you up.-There are many styles: pop, clasica, popular.-The other activities are less complete than music.

2) Painting group:-It's beautiful and inspiring. -They like the colours.-You use and perfectionate imagination.

3) Sports group: -It's more healthy and you stay fit.-You have a variety of sports (football, volley, etc).-Why not the others?:Internet: It demands too much time.Books: They don't like reading. Music: They don't like voices singing.Painting: It's needed many clothes for that.

4) Internet group: -Downloading films and videogames.-Playing videogames.-Information.-Communication.-Watching the weather and so on.-Why not the others?They don't like reading. They consider themselves without talent for painting. In tv there are not important things. About the sports, they are tired too soon. About music, they consider themselves without voice for singing and they don't like listening to.


They have spoken about their free time and have developed skills about pro and contra arguments in that aspect. Besides that, we have detected some of their lacks: the absence of interest in reading books, and for that reason we can prepare some activity about literature.