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In this article, i will speak about the Dobaşii; every crismas, a group of more or less seven boys make a show between 24th-25th of December. The 24th, they meet and visit diferents houses to sing tradicional songs,  play music, and dance. They choose houses that belongs to their families, friends, too rich houses and, of course, houses with youth girls... None of their are married, and in the begining of this tradition, it was a good oportunitie to find wife. Maybe sometimes,now, it can be an opportunitie to find a girlfriend.

The Dobaşii come into the houses and dance with the women who live there, young and old, and recive money, drink (suica, wine), food and, of course, a funny time. This tradition belongs only to Semlac, and is more or less 120 years old. The song’s themes are religious, cristmas songs, but too about the nature and Semlac’s traditions. They have a very specific clothes and complements, and they don’t buy in any shop these things, the clothes are very old and belongs to another Dobaşii from the past. Is so common that Dobaşii don’t have the whole clothes, only, for example, the hat, or another part of the traditional dress.

On 25th of Decembre, they go to the church, withouth sleep (uff!!), and after, organice a big party where everybody can go, but people who want to go, needs to buy the ticket to asist there.

To belong to the group, the boys pass a casting; sure because they need to sing more or less well. The group starts to prepair the show aproximately one and a half month before Crismas, and usually the Dobaşii with more time in the group is the person that accept new members and the direct; the boss.


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