European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Education in Arad



Nowadays a good education is important for everyone’s future. The same is with Romania – especially since they are a member of the European Union. Arad is one important city in Romania which offers a lot of schools and universities. Children normally start their school carrier with elementary school - Scoala Generala Nr. 2 is one of them. Here children learn basic things which start from mathematics, sciences, physics, chemistry to foreign languages like french and german. Sport is also an obligatory subject but not in all schools because not all of Romanian schools have sport halls and not all of them offer the conditions you may find in other countries Balaci Otilia, a teacher in Generala Nr. 2 explained. Scoala Generala Nr. 2 distinguishes from other elementary schools. Before you enter the school you can find a lot of Roma people on the streets and in the neighborhood also in the school because the Roma children represent 90 % there. Children are very well integrated and relationships are good based on respect and reciprocal help between Romanian and Roma. But you can find a difference between those two cultures Balaci said:” A couple of parents who just attended a few classes, some of them are even illiterate cannot help the children that’s why we can feel the difference between children who receive help for their homework and the ones who don’t. Here a support would be needed but unfortunately the state doesn’t offer them financial aid that’s why we cannot help them. You can see the difference between the school equipment they have – it’s normal because they don’t have the money to buy it and because the parents cannot help them their preparation level is not that good. She continued to tell that they all learn in the same classes and they don’t make a difference between children with special needs. Contrast to Generala Nr. 2 is Scoala Generala –all pupils are Romanian inhabitants. They offer 14 different subjects for example intensive english, german, french and mathematics. Children who have difficulties with catching up learning materials the school provides them private couching lessons. But they don’t only offer them private lessons they also have free time activities: local, national and international level and volunteering activities which the children of the school carried out Adriana Cuicas explained. The children can also participate in their school magazine. “The young teachers use modern methods of learning and teaching. We consider that this is really welcome for the children especially for the fact that the classes are not boring and there is diversity.” she added after explaining which methods they use to learn the children learning. But whatever those two schools divide, they end with school leaving diplomas and they try and develop their way to teach the children things which they can use for their everyday life.