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Environemental sanitation in Covasint



The environmental sanitation in Covasint is looking good. There are 70 beneficiaries of medical assistance per day.

The Medical Centre it’s open from 7:00 till 12:00 and at the moment it has all that necessities for urgent care. The most often encountered sicknesses in Covasint community are: cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses, but in the winter the most present illnesses are respiratory and artificial hypertensions. The main cause for this illness is that people in this region eat very salty and fatty food. Also, in this time of the year the locals are not active. The weather contributes to lack of movement, as they tend to shelter from the cold in their houses. A large percentage of Covasint citizens eat mostly pork meat of pig and this can also add to the damage.

         It is Important for the Covasint community that Romania has passed the Mandatory Medical Insurance, which facilitates people's lives because this was they can benefit from free prescriptions and urgent consultations…Thanks to the integration into the European Union, the Romanian sanitation is receiving high standards of medicaments and the service quality has improved.

         At the moment in Covasint there are 50 diabetics, 5 people sick of asthma and a quarter of the population is suffering of cardiovascular diseases. Lack of information is a major cause in people staying sick. Out of the 500, only half are aware of their disease and only 125 are under treatment. Out of the 125 who are under treatment, only about half are following it appropriately. Consequently, only ten percent out of the ill locals are actually keeping the disease under control.

In the future Medical Centre proposes to have electronic devices for using the European cards.