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Event special for Women



   This Sunday me and Marimar organize for women’s and miss from Covasint a day only for them, because us you know it was Women’s Day in 8 March.

For Marimar it was really important this Event, because she is writing a personal project about Situation of Women in Covasint that’s why I only help here in carrying in this Event..

The Program was consisting in Discussion about:

- The role of women in society in 21 century: Be domestic or involved socio-professional.

- Differences between generations. What future you wish to your daughters. What is the relationship with your mothers?

- Stereotypes that exists on the beauty of women. The women must to be thin and young, why?

- What kind of problems exists between mothers and daughters?

- Importance of education.

- Immigration. It’s difficult to find a job…For which it’s easier…men or women?

- Social problems and solutions in domestically violence, pregnancy in adolescence, migration for work.

- What’s mean to be a woman in Romania, America, and Europe?

   I was really surprised about some answers, and most of all answer that concern the role of women in society. Most of women and young girls told us that women must to take care of children, and about career nothing. The family is more important and that “If you don’t have family you don’t have nothing”…I was expect that young girl will tell me..nooo career is more important, but only two of them told me that she need to have at the same time a career. Maybe if I was ask the girls from city I had another answer….

The problems are that they don’t have with whom to left children and so on…More you will read in articles of Marimar where she will write the details of discussion.

The second part of event was consisting in poems, songs and presents for women.

I would like to thank to all women and girls that participated in this Event.

In Photo Gallery you can see some pictures from this Event.