European Year for Innovation and Creativity

First activities in Arad


The way to open cans Nicola taking a picture of a trash! Why?...

After one month in Romania, I think my life begins to be organised here. We had some problems at home this month like water failure, electricity failure (and after that, inondation around the fridge because all the ice thawed!) but now, when we have a problem, we can always find solutions quite... unusual as you can see on the photo! And I know now some romanian words (ok, not so much but I try!) and I understand a little bit more the habits of the romanians. For example, in France, most of the shops are closed between noon and 2pm, but not here! But maybe it is not like that in the romanian villages? I will have to go and check in the villages around Arad like Paulis or Semlac!

Our first task here was to make a « Stakeholders map ». To be clear, we had to find some important places for Arad, like the theatre, high schools, churches,... So we made interviews in the streets, we printed questionnaires, we went to meet some people as the principal of a high school or the president of the scouts, we visited some places (I personally assisted to a concert at Filarmonica). It was sometimes difficult to exchange with people because everybody doesn't speak english! But we finally managed to have all the materials to make this map and this one is almost finished! And with the help of two more volunteers who arrived last week (from Moldova and Austria) to help us in our project, it will be easy! It's always great to have a lot of points of views.