European Year for Innovation and Creativity

First impressions




My first impression about Romania is very positive. It’s a very nice country. I like it very much.

The first, I was week in Predeal, beautiful place in middle of the mountains. I and the colleagues from the project went to a training by National Agency. It was a great week.

We met volunteers from other projects in Romania, whom we share knowledge and impression.

Everybody learnt what EVS (European Volunteer Service) is, and what are  its components. We got a lot of energy our project.

After that we came back to Arad, their city where we will live for 6 months.

Arad is growing slowly. Its people are very nice and polite. But I still met to people all Romania, the customs and history.

There are also many young people in Arad. Because there are the Universities.

I think that the religion is thing important in Arad. There are many types of religions, such as the Ortodoxa, the Luteran and Catholic.

The main street is Bulevardul Revolution.. There are many shops, pubs, banks... and here all the trams pass. After that, tram is the most important and it is usable mean of transport  in the city.

Other very important place is the park. It’s the lung of the city. Near there is a river, called Mures. There are many snack-bar, restaurant... on its way. I think that in summer it will be a nice place, where we spend time. We enjoy  the swimming pool!!

I like very much the location of Arad. Near the border with Hungary and there are very near the border countries, for example Bulgary, Serbia, Ukrania...I hope I can visit all of them because it’s special moment for me.

In my opinion, Arad is a city that all the people have to visit.