European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Forum Theatre with pupils from school



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    In February I decide to organize a Forum Theater with children grades 8, 7, 6 from school and the topic of this theater was about discrimination situations that has one girl in school only because of she's social status, she was from poor family. Like all of us knows - Social Theater consist in spectators and actors, the actors are playing one spectacle and spectators are watching and after they applaud, but compare with Forum Theater the spectators can become actors that's why we can say that it's more an educative theater than only presenting without waiting feedback.

Then Forum Theater it's an interactive method of theater that consist in presenting one spectacle that take shorter time that social theater. The spectacle must to represent obligatory one oppressive situation or different obstacles lived by principal personage and obstacles which he can enhance them. At the beginning the spectacle is usually presented, after intervene joker that will mediate the debates between actors and spectators. The role of joker is to stimulate and to mediate discussion, in any case not to give preference to one group. The joker will explain to public rules and will encourage spectators to intervene. The second time when spectacle starting the public can intervene by proposing their solutions in that situation and how they will act if they will be that person (principal personage). The scope is to analyze and to debate new ideas and strategies that can be implemented in real life for changing oppressive situation.

    Deciding to make this kind of theater with pupils from school I expect that they will be very actives, at the beginning they was very interested in it., but after only 6 or 7 of them came at repetitions. We had one presentation at Day of School and it was really great, but after their interest disappear. Now I am thinking to make with them another kind of theater and I mean classical theater because I realize that maybe for them this Forum Theater is to complicated...

Then see you in our presentation of spectacle :)