European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Great Experience in Romania



DSCN1130.JPG me in Sighişoara Sighişoara

People are asking me why EVS? Why Romania, especially because my country is so, so similar with this state (just I don’t want to policy this subject). I have just crossed the borders and the first step was done – I am in Romania! I discovered a new country but similar traditions, different people but the same priorities, diverse ideas but I feel like home.It’s true: I met a lot of kind of people – started with those malicious to those friendly, but I don’t worry. I know how to take the best from each situation and I am here to improve myself and to have a great experience.During the first month, I enjoyed every moment with different volunteers from different countries – we cooked for Romanian neighbors; we found strange things in Arad (even if for me almost everything is like home); we hitchhiked together to see the cities and the Romanian culture.In the second month, I met others EVS Volunteers from different projects and after on-arrival training I understood more about EVS –it is not just an European Volunteer Center, it’s something more – it’s a great experience, another language – which it opens you another door, it’s opportunity to develop yourself like a leader, to be more independent and to help people around you. If you are not open to discover another world, EVS is not for you.Now I want to talk about my holiday. If you don’t have money to travel in Romania, it is not a problem, you can use hitchhiking, it is free and it is an opportunity to meet more people. One of them will retell you about nice places in Romania which you have to see; another will give you a piece of advice where to sleep, how to find a street or how to enjoy life in this area. It’s not so dangerous if you are with somebody and if you know to “read” the people. That means you have to understand at first sight what type of person the driver is, but also the most important thing is to have a little luck.For example I have been in eight cities in one week, I traveled by 18 cars and I can say that this is the craziest experience which I have ever had.First it was Timişoara – a nice city, a historical one. Here you can lose the concept of time and every moment when I was there I thought this was a perfect place for relaxing – o lot of terraces in open air, a lot of pigeons around you and one perfect architecture to forget about quotidian things.Next it was Sibiu, the European capital in 2007. I think the city really deserves its name because the buildings, the towers, the tourists and everything around speak about the beautiful image of Romania. We were lucky because there was an exhibition and a lot of people came in the center of Sibiu to show their works of art: they came with pots, jewelers, cruses and pictures which were all hand-made. There I saw „the bridge of liars” which has this name because the merchants were selling their merchandises on it. There is another myth about its name, that the lovers were swearing perpetual love on the bridge.The center of Romania is amazing. Firstly the mountains do all the landscape. One week is not enough to see all its beauty. But if you are in Romania you have to see Sighişoara. It is a medieval town which I think it is unique in all the country. If in the other cities you can enjoy the life in a modern way, here you just suit the things which are done. The streets are paved with stones; the buildings are from a different epoch. It is like the time stopped and only the people (a lot of tourists and inhabitants) remember you that it is the 3rd millennium. There I fall in love in the people who were playing the guitar amazing songs. But you have to listen to, not to   read about it.Braşov – we arrived here at 9 p.m. and all the night we walked around the city. The moon and the stars’ light gave to all things a different and nice color.From the mountains – to Black Sea!!! But we have to cross the capital -Bucharest. The on-arrival training was in Bucharest and I have already known the city. So I was thinking that I know how to find easily a good place for hitchhiking, but no-because my friend got lost. I have just realized that if you do not know this capital, you should take the metro, don’t experiment the labyrinth of the terrestrial transport. You can ask for a metro map and in this way it is easy to find some places in the city.One day in Vama-Veche – so next station was the Black Sea. My advice - don’t go to Black Sea at the end of the season. Firstly, because you can see all the remains of the tourists and secondly, because most of the pubs are closed; so if you want to party it is not the best moment. What it is really good is that you can put your tent on the beach and sleep, just take care that there can be strollers. One more thing: take food with you, it is expensive.From Vama-Veche we went to Craiova, crossing again Bucharest. It is a big city, a typical Romanian one, with a lot of churches, nice buildings, living night life, devious and strange streets. If you try to find a side street, you have to take care which way you go, just don’t get lost!And last but not the least city in one week was Râmnicu Vâlcea. If you have time go in the periphery of this area and you will see great surroundings: forests, caves and mountains... Again Arad – the city which is the best one, because here it is the project “Reporter in Romania”, we are always on the job! I started the 3rd month of EVS experience, and I am opened to new experiences…