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How the west was won



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Hi Romania! Yes my friends, I begin with an american expression... to express how appeared the footballers from East Europe into the "European football", ya know, the great football leagues. And how the west was won? Cause a powerful injection of great football players that usually Europe didn't know nothing before entered into the outlook.

Several times I though about the Romanian football quality, since I was a child I heard a lot about Romanian players, quite in the 90’s, USA 94 overall. Then, I want to write about all the Romanian football players that went abroad in their career to discover another kind of football, the English style (fast and estrategic), the Spanish league full of stars, the Quadratisch German league, and the whole defensive and being attacked by surprise Italian style among others…

Player by player, I wrote first the place of birth, then the years they were active, field position and finally the clubs they played on with also their achievements .

Florin Raducioiu. He was born in Bucuresti. Seasons active 1985-2004. His position in the field was forward. He is the only football player that placed in the fifth most important football world leagues (Italy, Spain, England, Germany and France).

Well known during the 90´s, playing in the Italia 90 and USA 94 (remember that match, not scoring Argentina, but breaking it) world cups and in the English Eurocup ‘96. He played in Dinamo Bucuresti and then he went to Italia, playing in a lot of teams, winning the Champions League 93-94 with AC Milan. He played 40 matches with the romanian selection, scoring 21 goals. After he went to Spain (RCD Español), then Germany (VfB Stuttgart), once again Italy, Dinamo Bucuresti, and ending in two French teams (one of them was AS Monaco).

Ilie Dumitrescu. From Bucuresti. Active during the 1986-1999 years. Forward. From Steaua Bucuresti he went to England (Tottenham) and Spain (Sevilla) without regularity, then back o UK (West Ham), and finishing his career in two Mexican teams. After he decided to coach some teams: Rumanian selection (2003), FCM Bacau, FC Brasov, and in Germany and Greece (AEK Atenas and Paok Salónica among others.)

László Bölöni. Targu Mures 1970-1992. Midfielder. He began in ASA Târgu Mures, then he joined the Steaua Bucuresti he won a Europe Cup in 1986. After, he went to the Belgian and French football (Brusseles, Orleans…), but he didn’t played on first divisions (first football leagues). He become a coach in France with the AS Nancy, AS Monaco, and Portugal with Sporting Lisboa Nowadays he is coaching the Standard Lieja. Also he coached the national selection during 2000-2001.

Rodion Camataru "Cami". Strehaia. 1972-1990. Forward. From Dinamo Bucuresti to Charleroi (Belgium), SC Heerenveen (Netherlands). In the season 86-87 he won the “Golden Boot” because the corruption on Ceaucescu times, he managed to deal with several coaches to let the player score in the last matches before the contest to be the first scorer of that season.

Ioan Lupescu "Lupo", "Ionut". Bucuresti. 1986-2002. His position was midfielder, organizer of the team, the brain of the group. Dinamo Bucuresti, Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Monchengladbach (in Germany he had his golden years as a footballer), Bursaspor (Turkey), Al-hilal (Saudi Arabia). He was always permanent in the nacional selection from 1988 to 2000, 74 matches with 6 goals. He managed Bacau FCM from 2003 to 2006.

Victor Piturca. Orodel (Dolj). 1970-1990. Forward. Steaua Bucuresti (where he won several leagues and nacional cup), Racing Club de Lens (France). He played only 13 matches with the Romanian selection. He coached Steaua Bucuresti in two periods: 1992 and 98-99, and the national selection also in two periods, 1998-1999 and 2004-2009. Acomplishments: Europe Cup (now named Champions League) 1985- and the Europe Supercup the same season.

Adrian Mutu "the romanian phenomenon” “the brilliant”. Arges. 1996-nowadays. Forward. Polemic footballer and considered a heroe in Romania. Dinamo Bucuresti (winning one league and one cup), Inter de Milan, Hellas Verona, Parma, Chelsea (FIFA fired him in 2004 for having cocaine, he was out of fields during seven months, in 2009 he was forced to pay 17 million euros to Chelsea FC), Juventus (two calccios) and Fiorentina. Penalized again by drug possession. His bestman (“godfather”) is Hagi. Is a complete footballer, scorer and goal assistant. Great scorer with the nacional selection, 26 goals in the last 33 matches. His wife is Dominican, whose father is Mr. Leonardo Matos Berrido, the president of the Dominican League of Baseball. In Januar 2010, in a doping control alter a match in the Italian Cup, once again the result was positive. Thus, he could be suspended during 4 years.

Dan Petrescu. Bucuresti. 1985-2003. Defender. From Steaua Bucuresti, he went to Italy (Foggia Calcio and Genoa), England (Sheffield Wednesday FC, Chelsea (two british leagues, recopa and a supercup), Bradford City, Southampton FC), and returning back to Romania, in the FC Nacional Bucuresti, finishing there his footballer career. He was a permanent player while being in the national selection. Afterwards, he became a coacher with the Unirea Urziceni, and nowadays he is coaching in the second russian division.

Dorinel Munteanu. Caras-Severin County. 1986-2008. Defensive midfielder. Dorinel Munteanu is the most capped player for Romania, with 134 matches with the Football Selection. His professional career was from Dinamo Bucuresti to Cercle Brugge (Belgium), 1. FC Koln and VfL Wolfsburg (Germany), coming back to his homeland to finishing his career, Steaua among others. The he become a club manager with Cluj, Galati and Steaua Bucuresti.

Bogdan Stelea. Bucuresti 86-09, Goalkeeper. 1986-2009. He retired with 41 años years. Dinamo Bucuresti, then to Mallorca (Spain). Standard de Liège (Belgium), Rapid de Bucarest, Samsunspor (Turkey), two years he was back in Romania (Steaua de Bucarest), and in 1997 he returned to the Spanish league, joining the UD Salamanca. After he returned to Romania to play once again. He was a permanent member in the national selection from 1988 to 2005.

Marius Lacatus “the beast”. Brasov. 1981-2000. Forward. From gipsy ethnic. In Steaua Bucuresti, he was the captain during the 94-99 years, then to Italy (AC Fiorentina), and Spain (Real Oviedo). He won 10 romanian leagues with the Steaua and the Europe Cup in 1986, as well the 1987 Supercup. He coached several romanian teams (FC Brasov, FC National bucuresti and FC Farul Constanta).

Laszlo Sepsi. Ludus. Left defender. A young player, debuting in  2004. Hungarian ethnic. In CS Medias he began his career, to go to France (Stade Rennais FC), Gloria Bistrita, to Portugal (Benfica), and Spain, in the Racing de Santander, where he was two years in my homeland team, playing the most of the matches. Now he plays in FC Timisoara. He played 12 times with the Romanian selection.

Gheorge Popescu "Baciul" (the teacher). Calafat. Central defender. 1979-2003. George Hagi is his brother-in-law, both of them the best ever  footballers in Romania. He had a great personality on the field, being the leader of the team, moreover with a great physical constitution. He went country to country: From Steaua (winning the league) he took his start to the foreign leagues: PSV Eindhoven, winning two Holland leagues (Netherlands), Tottenhyam Hotspur (England), FC Barcelona (Spain), Galatasaray (Turkey), Unione Sportiva Lecce (Italy), Dinamo Bucuresti, and Hannover 96 (Germany). With the Galatasaray he won a Copa UEFA, a Supercup, three Turkish leagues and two Turkish Cups. In Barcelona, a Recup in 1997 and a Spanish Cup and a Supercup in 1996.

Cosmin Contra “The Germans killer”, “the UEFA Heroe”. Timisoara. 94-nowadays. Right defender. From Dinamo Bucuresti to Spain (Deportivo Alaves), to Italy (AC Milan), back in Spain again (Atletico Madrid), UK (West Bromwich Albion), Politecnica Timisoara, by third time back again in Spain (Getafe), and coming back to Politecnica Timisoara again in 2010. He played 68 matches with the national selection.

George Hagi “Gica”, “the carpatian Maradona”. Sacele. Midfielder. Active from the 1982 to the 2001 years. The best romanian player ever in the football history. He´s on the 100 FIFA List, a list made by Pelé. He had a great feint, speed and a powerful shot. Beginning his career in Farul Constanta, he went to Steaua (3 leagues, 2 national supercups and a European supercup), then abroad to convert himself in one of the best players of the history: Real Madrid (Spanish supercup), Brescia (Italy), Barcelona (Spanish supercup), Galatasaray (Turkey, winning the most of his titles, 4 leagues, two cups, UEFA cup and European supercup). Of 703 matches, he scored 293 times, getting an average of 0.42 per match.

Miodrag Belodedici. Socol. Defender. 1982-2001. He has a Serbian origin. Steaua Bucuresti, Red Star of Belgrad (winning a League and a Cup, and in 1991 a Europe Cup and an Intercontinental Cup), Valencia, Valladolid, Villareal, Hércules of Alicante, and returning back to Steaua Bucuresti. With the Steaua he won the most of his titles, a total of 5 Romanian Leagues and 4 Romanian Cups, and in 1986 the Europe Cup and the European Supercup. He played in the WorldCup of 1994, very well-known in Romania, climbing the selection to the quarter final.

In 1988, he asked for politic asylum in Yugoslavia, joining the Red Star of Belgrad. He can only placed friendly matches the first year (dued to irregularities in his contract), and the socialist romanian regime declare him traitor, sentencing him 10 years of prisony, but the charges were taked out after the 1989 Revolution.

Cristian Chivu “Cristo”, “the glove” “Swarovsky”. Resita. 1996-nowadays. Central defender or left defender. Captain of the rumanian selection. From Rumania he went to Ajax Ámsterdam (Netherlands) where he won one league, one cup and a Holland supercup, AS roma (one Italian Cup) and Inter Milan nowadays (two calccio and a supercup).

Ionel Daniel Dănciulescu. Slatina. 1993-nowadays. Forward. From Dinamo Bucuresti to Turkye, then to Steaua Bucuresti, to China, Dinamo Bucuresti once again to finish this season in Hércules de Alicante (Spain), on the second division.