European Year for Innovation and Creativity





I’m not a perfect girl. My fringe doesn’t always stay in its right place and I bite my nails. I’m pretty clumsy, forgetful and I hate short skirts. My friends and I sometimes fight, I don’t like to repair my clothes when they’re broken and I don’t like going shopping. Sometimes I miss my people and sometimes I just want to be alone. I’m not in the mod for speaking when I’m just waked up and the first thing that I do when I arrive at home is putting my night suit. I love driving my car in the night and I don’t like animals. I use to be a cold person in appearance but sometimes I have a broken heart. I like telling stupid jokes. I love singing when I’m taking a shower (even knowing that I’m the worst singer all over the world) and I’m addicted to milk. I always make a massage in my feet before going to sleep (they’re my way of transport in this life) and I don’t know how to cook cakes. I burn my toast in the morning and sure, maybe some days nothing goes right.

But maybe, just maybe, I like being imperfect.