European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Intercultural Christmas Eve



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This year we all had the chance to spend a Christmas Eve of another kind. Since half of the volunteer community decided, not to travel to their homecountries to celebrate with their families, we set up a common Christmas party for all of us together. Everyone was told to bring something along, foods and drinks, decoration, music and… a christmas tree! In order not to exclude our host country Romania from the Christmas party, instead of a star we put up a tricolore-coloured ribbon on the tree top!

The buffet was huge and filled with loads of delicious things, for instance Georgian bean-filled bread, Spanish tortillas, German potato salad, Romanian sarmale and a Polish fish dish! As a great surprise our local facilitator Mircea – dressed as Santa Claus – dropped in to pay us a Christmas visit and gave us house-made drink and cake.

Of course we also had presents! To make it funny and ensure that everyone would get a present, we decided to draw lots in advance and give something to the person written on the lot. Of course we kept secret about out identities to make it more exiting. We had a lot of fun to distribute the presents in a ceremony one after anotherer, to unwrap them and make a guess on the person who it was from!

We spent the evening in a nice calm atmosphere. Wome of us went to see the Christmas service at the Cathedral while others spend the rest of the night at Flex to meet some other befriended volunteers of other organisations.

It was indeed a multinational Christmas party:

20 EVS volunteers from 9 different countries and 4 continents!