European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Intercultural Evening



Rumniien_Event__Fotos_Diego_010.JPG Rumniien_Event__Fotos_Diego_016.JPG

Yesterday we had our first event behind our flat in a little park, where the neighbours use to sit in the evening chatting or going with their children there to play some games.

In the beginning only the children came to our prepared table with national food from Spain, Georgia, Moldova, France, Austria, Czech and Germany, being curious what we did and why we were there. The adults stayed at their tables, watching us curiuosly as well, but not coming to try the food or ask some questions. 

But as we started to spread quizzes and questionaires in the park, they became interested in the event and what we were doing there.

The children began to draw pictures on the playground, playing hide and seek or any other game with the volunteers.

I think, in the end it was a successful event with a lot of fun and some really good national dishes from the diffrent countries;)