European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Intercultural Evening




Yesterday (Aug 19th) Reporters in Romania organized an Intercultural evening. We cooked a lot of different kind of meals from all over Europe (me and Sophia and Julia cooked German / Austrian / Czech sweet dumpling filled with plums and baked an apple pie called "strudl") and prepared some quiz, questionnare and also some fun activities for the kids. From my point of view I think we did an amazing job, serving people from Micalaca our national meals, playing games and some music with the kids, asking people questions and watching them filling the quiz we prepared for them. Maybe someone could say that we didn't organize it as well as we could and that we didn't really have any schedule but for me it was a nice example of a natural way of communication with the locals. We did not disturb them in their daily activities actually I think it was a really nice surprise for them. Hopefully we will continue with events like this in the future and make some more new friends. I hope everyone enjoyed this event, kids seemed to be really excited about the food, about playing games and music, teenagers seemed to be really excited about filling in the quiz in English and the elders seemed to be having good time tasting the food and asking question about our work here too. Unfortunatelly I didn't take any photos because i only used my video camera. Video will be edited and posted here as soon as possible. Thank you Micalaca people for being so open-minded and curious about our home countries and the work we are doing here.

- Petra

(photo by Diego)