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intercultural event



Yesterday we did a intercultural event among the residents of our neighborhood (Micalaca). We have prepared meals from different countries (Georgia, France, Moldova, Spain, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic  ). The Spanish team, we cooked spanish omelet (we made 4 but by the way we ate one because we had to taste it! ) and gazpacho. The other team made cuisine from their countries of origin, but I do not remember the names. Just remember the apple pie (Apflestruder) and Germknödel (balls of pasta stuffed with plum sauce). And also creppes from France.

I’ve been playing with the kids, painting on paper with markers and paints. The truth is that I still maintain my theory that children here are very nice, cute and very polite. And they are very very funny.

The final evaluation of the traditional dishes, by ballot the people have told me that the tortillas have triumphed, and the gazpacho. And for dessert the French creppes (by the way I’ve eaten one and was delicious).