European Year for Innovation and Creativity

intercultural event




Yesterday we organized an intercultural event in our park in micalaca. From each country everybody cooked national food. Spanish people cooked omlette and gazpacho (it is like a tomatoe soup just better and you trink it cold), french people made crepes, georgian people made obergine with a special filling  and finally Alexandra cooked for her country meat with polenta and smantana. I was cooking with Petra from Czech and Sophie from Germany because we have nearly the same food. We cooked Apfelstrudel (like an apple pie) and Zwetschkenknoedel (dumblings with plumbs).

The event started at 7 and there were already a lot of people in the park. At first everybody was a little bit shy and people didn't know what is happening but with the time people got curious and tried our food. We also prepared games for the children, made questionnaires about Arad and Micalaca and we made a quiz with them about the european union and what they know about it.

All in all it was a succesful first event for us and people gave us a good feedback.