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Romanian Orthodox Church in Semlac is dedicated to St. John Chrysostom and was built in 1771 to replace an old wooden churches.

The place, which is located the church,  corresponds to the hearth of the village house on the right bank of Mures several high Banat plain to the left Mures. Building massive style Basilicata, is built of brick and has the shape of a rectangle-shaped altar apse semicerculară. Originally, the church was small scale until 1896, when he was added by the entry of women (bell) and the tower. The church was renovated in 1921, when the shingle roof was replaced with sheets of asbestos. In 1925 the church was endowed with a large bell, gift of Peter Ionuţas believer. The other two smaller bells were purchased from church funds. In 1937 he replaced the iconostasis iconostasis wall current wooden sculpture is the work of the former school of arts and crafts from Arad, was immediately blessed by Bishop ANDREI MAGERU. In 1956 to replace the asbestos roof with metal roof. The same year, a storm tore the cross from the tower, the tower being threatened dărîmarea. After this situation was restored tower and cross on the tower and was electrified.

Semlac 6 th of January