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Are there libraries in Covasint?



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There is a library in the school of Covasint. I discovered it by chance. I was in the school to speak with the teacher of Romanian language, to find some information about Romanian writers. And, then, I found the director of the school. She was, like always, smiling, with a mixture of open attitude and irony, an attitude that makes me confortable. I spoke him about my project and she told me that I could come the next day to visit the library, because at that moment it was closed. 

So the next day, I came with Juanjo. For a misunderstanding of the languages, I thought that the library was open until 12. But not, the director explained after waiting with her thirty minutes, that the library is open when there is a pause, so: every hour, around ten minutes.In these moments, children can go there.

So at twelve o'clock, we went to the library, One of the teachers, wife of the othodox priest, opened us the door. The surprise was huge. The library maybe has around five hundred volumes, of limba româna, French, mathematics, history, geography. And books of classical authors of Romania: not only the well known classical, but as well the difficult ones like Mihail Sebastian. Juanjo was taking pictures and I asked the teacher when was founded, but she gave me abstract answers, like ‘long time ago’. When I asked her why they had so many book, she told me that were a lot of campaigns to develop the access to the books in the village. According to the necessities, teachers and pupils can borrowed the books. 

However, she permitted me to borrow Accidentul, by Mihail Sebastian, after asking a polite ‘But, can you read in Romanian?’ I didn’t know that Sebstian had a novel with that title, and I only can have a cold smile remembering that he died in an accident: a truck of the soviet Red Army hit him just weeks after the end of the Second World War.

Epilogue: I came to say thank you to the director for the information about the library. She asked me if I was referring to the library of the school or the one of Caminul Cultural. 'Excuse me? Is there a library in the Caminul Cultural?' She told me that it is. I asked her why is always closed, with that abandoned atmosphere. ‘Ask in the city hall’, answered me like the first Chesire cat or the last sphynx. So we went. The answers, in a next article