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Life in Arad


Life in Arad

written by Michele Santarcangelo on Feb 19 2010 (12:28)


Hello people!i'm in Arad since the last December and now I'm feeling a little part of me becoming Romanian!In this cold , cold february I started with my activities in the German High School. It was not such a good experience at the begining because I come from a different culture (I'm Italian) and I didn't know the rules and other stufffff...but it was a chance to discover a different system and different values, and' I m now doing my best to adapt my self to the community. We had trainings also in the first two weeks,one about “How to write a CSR project” and the other about “Non formal education”.

The first training was more interesting for me and I found it very useful. I learned a lot about how to write a project and all the things that you have to do in order to make a good project. The final and maybe, most hard part, is waiting for the approval...

The other one, was lighter and easier, but still useful too... , as I said before, about not formal education (that we need so much). We were talking about different kinds of behavior and how this could be,sometimes, a problem. There were also discussions about what we should do in these specific cases. But that was not all!

Also how to bring the attention from the other persons and some specific rules for creating a GOOD relationship with the people in our activities.

In some other time, I was in the “Filarmonica” of Arad, and it was an opportunity to know the cultural movement of Arad. But culture does not mean only this. I was also in some events that took place in “Flex” ,like demo's drum performed by one of the big musician in Arad and afther that it was a “Jam session” where I played blues with others musicians...and I was laughing all the time!!!

About Arad's citizens, they are very good and I have also met someone important for me here...very nice!

So... I have to discover so much here and I still have a lot of time to do this and, i hope, to give something back to the community... THANK YOU MILLENNIUM FOR THIS CHANCE!!!