European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Plecam, maaa




Everything that starts has to finish. After six months here, we have to leave the Covasint. It has been a long winter, not very cold, according to the people, but a long one. It is a pity not enjoying both the spring and summer here, with the green hills, the lake of Ghioroc and all kind of activities outside. But our stage here has been positive, in spite of the cold, difficult to face for us Spanish (the Moldavian volunteer has any problem, she is used to).

Our project, as you all know, involves journalist tasks. It has been interviews, in which we have tried to establish a general resume about the life in the village. For us, which come from cities or at least from not so little villages as Covasint, the first days have needed adaptation and work. With the help of the local volunteers (Paul Diaconu and, specially thanks, to Ioana Fitigau), proposed for Millenium Center, and the facilities that people as Daniel Negocii or Raul Pascalau have given us, we started working.

The interviews brought us to the Scuola Generala “Corneliu Miclosi”, where we have interviewed the director Gabriela Balas. There, we have made debates, about interesting topics, as the life of the teenagers in the future or how they see the pre December 89 past; or activities for specific days, as the Saint Valentine’s Day.

Opposite to the school, in the kindergarten, we started with interviews (two generations of teachers) but thanks to the vitality of the children we made more things: English lessons, games and songs in Spanish or recording the Halloween and Christmas celebrations.

So our tasks have had as a result interviews with the major; with the doctor; and with the representatives of the gypsy community. We wanted to reach a general idea about the life in the village, and we think that we have obtained good results.

On the other hand, six months in a village give a lot of time to do activities to stay really in touch with the community. In this sense, we have enjoyed celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, the Woman’s Day and Paste. Or we have worked hard in our personal projects: Juanjo taking pictures of the village; Elena with her Social Theater; María del Mar making activities with the women of Covasint; and Jesús, writing articles about Romanian literature (from Ion Creanga to Pericle Martinescu). Or we have organized Intercultural evenings.

The first one was in the Caminul Cultural to present our project to the community. There the entire village was invited and we spoke the first words in Romanian language; we showed the pictures we had taken; and it was offered to the assistants, traditional food both from Spain and from the Moldovan Republic.

The second one was in the Centru de Tineret, and there, helping Raul Pascalau, the director of the DJT Arad, we prepared many games orientated to intercultural goals: role playing or quizzes about Europe. The success was considerable.

The third one is this one, where we say la revedere. In this one, as you have seen, we want to share with you pictures, videos, newsletters and our experiences as volunteers in Covasint.

Our last words will be to say thanks to you, the people of Covasint.  Everyone has helped in the measure of their possibilities. The Association Millenium Center, as a hosting organization, providing a house in the person of Florin. And all the people of the village, which have been implied in our activities, some of them deeper than others. For all that reasons, thank you si la revedere!