European Year for Innovation and Creativity

My personal project


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Initial intention and goals of my initiative:

To work with disabilites children to give them a same chance like the other

Means of achieving it 

To learn some games , somes songs , some handcrafts for enjoying with them. And also it's very useful to know a litle bit romania for understanding each of us.

What went well and what went wrong

Where else can you work where you work with people who don't judge you... Love you as you are... Make you smile everyday... Have the ability to make you laugh and cry all in the same breath (like a best friend would)... Let you remember how to have mindless fun.... 

Nothing went wrong ..... 

Overall satisfaction

 love experiencing the uniqueness of each child. love the laughter of children. we laugh on a daily basis. children make the trivial things in life seem not so trivial. children offer unconditional love. it's wonderful to know you are helping and making a change in someone else's life. it's amazing working with a child and watching them "get it." 

Results of reason of not achieving your goals

Good results i learn how to work and to play with children who have a disabilities and kids teach me patience , virtue , the value of friendship , peace, calm,