European Year for Innovation and Creativity

My trip to Semlac




        The first weekend I was in Romania I decided to visit the village Semlac. There, I met many other volunteers, and of course I was very glad to also see Elena- my friend from the Republic of Moldova.

I was really impressed by the number of churches that the village has: the Orthodox Church, the Evangelistic Church, the Greco – Catholic Church, House of pry: Baptists, Pentecostals. It is really interesting how people respecting all of these different religions can live together and understand each other. Generally speaking, this community looked more developed in comparison with other communities I visited.

At the station of Semlac I met the priest. He was very nice, showed me the community and invited me to come to the Church. I promised him that next Sunday I will come at once. Next day we went to the Football match that is organized each Sunday in Semlac. The people that came to see the match were both young and old. Obviously they supported the Semlac team and in the finals the team actually won. When you are playing in your village, I was told, the team has to win. If it looses, then it will be considered a loosing team for a long period of time and it does not matter if it wins in another village.

         On the next I got a nice surprise: thanks to their activity Door to door of volunteers from Semlac, we were invited for lunch to Florica- a local neighbor. The time that we spend with her was indeed like a healing to my soul.  I felt as if I was in my own home, her kindness and hospitality impressed me. I did not feel that she was doing that for any hidden purpose but to get to talk with someone. We took pictures and discussed a lot of different topics.

         The weekend in Semlac for me was useful and eventful. After this I will be happy to be going back there soon us possible.