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Park in Seitin





When I arrived in Şeitin, I focused my view on what this village misses, what can I do for enjoy the life of inhabitants and in this way how can I create a «good neighboring».

After our first public presentation, I had a request to establish an area of public games. Şeitin doesn't have a public place for the children, teenagers and families where can meet each other, play or eat together.

A park has a social role, very important in all communities. It's the life of the village because it permits a social cohesion. The park is a place where each people go and in this order it mixes the cultures and generations.

After I spoke with inhabitants, I decided to meet a responsible of the city hall to know witch possibilities we have to do this project. After interviews with the city hall responsible and people in the street I could do this article.

Situation in Şeitin

The environment ministry asked each community of Romania to respect the citizens rights and in this order to practice some rules like put potable water and electricity in each house...etc.

The dead line, for the villages and cities, to be in the rules is 2018.

Şeitin needs to implant two important things for be in the law: a recycling plant wastewater and a public park.

Park project

The project “Parcul din Şeitin” was part of the election program last year and concretely, it started in February 2009.

For obtaining financing to do this park, the city hall needs to send many administrative paper, about the details of this project, to the “Ministerul mediului” in Bucharest.

If the case meets all the conditions, the environment ministry sents this folder to European Union. In this way Seitin can have access to the European program “Fondul fare” which is funding this kind of projects.


Finding the place where the park should be is one of the latest problem before they send the folder to “Ministerul Mediului”.

The first idea was to place “parcul din seitin” in the center of the village, “piaţa veche”, near orthodox church and schools.

The problem is: the organization “Apele Române” wants to build the plant wastewater recycling of Şeitin in the same place because they established that it is the best spot...

The city hall must find another place for the park (hard work because that requests to collect all the legal conditions) or another place for the plant wastewater recycling (hard work because they must be in agreement with the water organization of Romania).

The actual idea of the city hall is to leave the park at Piaţa Veche and to put two water plants: one at the beginning of the village, one at the end.

Now this solution must be accepted by Organizaţia Apele Române...

On hold

After all this steps, we hope the park can be used in 2011...

As EVS people, it's not our possibilities and responsibilities to faster this project...