European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Personal Project



Initial intention and goals of my initiative:

To research al the historial buildings in Arad and make pictures of all of them. Even also make pictures of others that, in my opinion, should be consirered like historical one too.

The principal goal of this, appart from having a data base of those pictures, let to know to the people how is Arad and the curious sites to visiting.


Means of achieving it

Learn more about the history of the city and about art, relationed with the buildings: styles of art…


What went well and what went wrong

In one hand good taking pictures and learning more places to visiting and knowing. But in other hand, sometimes was dificult to take good pictures because of the weather, the cars, the police (once time I was waking in the middle of the boulevard and one police told me that I couldn´t walk in the grass- near where the tram is going-).


Overall satisfaction

I have a good feeling about my job cause I enjoyed walking around the city and getting to know interesting people when I was making my job (people asked me what I was doing).


Results of reason of not achieving your goals

The result was good cause now I have a data base of pictures about windows, doors, all kind of decorations… and of course the remember of the people I met doing this project.


Optional future plans of projects inspired by your work here

Enjoy my future work.