European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Personal project evaluation



aerolac sleeping bed

-initial intention and goals of your initiative

Know the reality of homeless people, their life, their reality, why one become a homeless and why options they have to go out of the streets.

Understand and think about the poverty.

Talk with them.

Exchange information and give and receive some advices about life, health issues, etc.        

-means of achieving it                           

Intervention in Kati'es Center (the secret garden), stablishing contact with the users of the service, understanding their problems and the role that Katie's center has in their lifes.

Talking, talking, talking.

-what went well and what went wrong

Well:  I learned a lot of new things, stablished new contacts, understood better the situation for the roma people and other discriminated minorities.                                                                      

Wrong: I can't anything.

-overall satisfaction

I'm satisfied with the experience but I would like to have the ability to change the reality in a more quick and effective way for this people.                                                                                                  

-results or reasons of not achieving your goals