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Romania - diferent poin of view



Arad Arad in the evening Clu-Napoca

Hello! I am from Republic of Moldova, and now I am a volunteer in Romania, here I will be reporter through “Stakeholder in action” project. It will be an opportunities to develop my journalistic skills, because I have already finished my degree in journalism. So I am happy to discover another culture, history and a lot of kind people, because in this stage participate more than 15 persons from different countries like – Germany, Spain, Austria, Georgia, Italy, France and of course the people from Romania, the host country.

Romania and Moldova is similar, per generally we had the same history, and I don’t see a big difference, maybe just between the places. Also it’s easy for me because I know the language, but living in a flat with three different cultures is a challenge and also an experience to live, to cook or to change ours stereotypes.

I am in Romania for the fourth time, and it is a pleasure for me to discover again his beauties, for me every city is a legend, like every person who lives in. Also it’s a pleasure for me to travel, to see the mountains or beautiful sea, and usually I roam myself through the enigmatic streets, but it’s not a big problem, because if it’s happened you can ask somebody for help, don’t matter if you know the Romanian or not, for my surprise here are a lot of persons who know English.

For example in one week, since I am here, I was in Cluj-Napoca by hitchhike with one other volunteer, for the first time in my life. In 18 hours we did approximately 500 thousand km, with 7 cars, and we met o lot of kind people who were glad to retell us about their country, and their city.

I hope to have a great time in Romania, during five mouths which I will spend here in Arad – an interesting city which one I discover day by day.