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Salt mine in Turda



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One month ago we went to visit the Turda Salt Mine, a mine which was in use in times of romanos. It´s near a large and university city called Cluj. It’s like 260 km from Arad. It takes about 7 hours by Hitchhiking. 

We left on Saturday morning and we slept at night in the house of another volunteer in Cluj. And on Sunday we went to visit the mine.

Inside is a spectacle. The rooms are so high that you can build a 10-storey building.And for not to vary, Romanians continue with their own lifestyle and have mounted inside the main room a sort of amusement park with basketball court, minigolf, bowling, ferris wheel (mostly for children), an amphitheater and a lake artificial salt with boats to be able to ride around the lake. Ah! I forgot, there is also a chapel, or something similar.

Some things in the mine appear to outer space, so that reminded me of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. 

Judge for yourselves.