European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Seara Interculturala (18/12/09)




Last 18 of December the volunteers of Covasint and the DJT Arad organized a intercultural evening in which it was showed to some people of the village some activities about the European Union. This article is about the program and how the evening was.

The evening was proposed to start at 17, but it did at 17:30. Some logistic problems (it is not an euphemism) provoked the delay. Anyway, the representative of the DJT Arad, Raul Pascalau, made presented the initiative. Then it was our turn: We prepared a energizer. Yes, I don't like energizers, but everybody thinks  they are necessary and I can't fight against the Fatum, can I? So we made a circle and explained it to them: It was that one called Icebergs: the representative of the DJT Arad and two volunteers were sharks and the others (around 20-25 participants) were penguins. Some papers spread on the floor were icebergs and they must to be on them were it was indicated by us, according the cadence: walk (one clap), run (two claps) and stop (one clap).

When people was more active, they were divided randomly in four groups: Italy, Spain, Romania and France. They had to think about how they see that nationalities and after 15-20 minutes, represent to everybody their conclusions,  in a role playing game, theatrical.

When they finished thinking about their role playing, a group of dancers of Ghioroc danced and a singer of Covasint sang some carols. The dancers were dressed in traditional dresses and it was a good comparison to the cosmopolitan perspective. On the other hand, Roxana, the little girl, was really thrilling, being comparable to Joselito, a child that sang in Spain in the past.

So, after the break, the role playing. It surprised us the imagination of the kids: The Italy  team represented a traditional meal in a restaurant, the Spanish one a bullfighting and identified some characteristics (so many castles in Spain!), the Romanian one sang a traditional song of the country and the France team made a Eiffel Tower while one of them imitated a tourist taking pictures and the girl of the group sang a song in French. When they all finished, we chose which group was the best. The decision was taken clapping and Italy obtained 4 points (the louder applause), France 3, Romania 2 and Spain 1.

Then, a short break was necessary and, fifteen minutes later, we had prepared four videos, about Germany, France, Italy and Romania. All the time divided in the same group, they had to guess which country was and identified three characteristics of it (capital or something about its cultures, etc): if they did both things, they obtained 1 point. It was curious that they only were wrong identifying Romania, thinking that it was Spain! Anyway, the group that went on leading the competition was Italy (6 points) and then France (5), Romania (4) and Spain (2; they were the younger group).

Finally, the representative of the DJT Arad prepared two videos about Europe, with some pictures about the main cities and sightseeing and some data. At the end, we proposed them the last game: every group must write the most number of countries of Europe (not only of European Union) and the best one would obtain 3 points. According this, Romania won, with 7 points (24 countries), followed by Italy with its 6 ones. The other groups, just for curiosity, wrote 22 countries (Spain group), 20 countries (France) and 17 countries (Italy).

Some prizes (t-shirts, caps), offered by the Directia Judeteana pentru Tineret Arad, were the final activity. In general, it can be said that it was a success. We played and debated, they learnt how to organize and show their imagination to the others and they know a little more about Europe.


1) We write you an scheme of the program:

Program: (17-21)


Joc energizant: Icebergs.

Joc de rol:Grupuri si Tari

Dansuri Populare

Colinde de Craciun


Prezentare joc de rol


Quizz Video

Video despre Europa


2) Juanjo has uploaded some pictures about the event.