European Year for Innovation and Creativity





Semlac is a Comuna close to Arad where people live quite but at the same time in an active way. For this reason four volunteers from different countries and from Millenium Center living now in this Comuna.

The population are 4065 inhabitants and have an area total of 196 Ha. The river Mures pass for the village. The activity principal is the agriculture.

There are five churchs in the Comuna of the different religions. The primar is Domna Letiţia Stoian.

My first impression of Semlac is very good. Semlac surprised me because people are really friendly and warm, and many people help us and participate in our activitates.

At the same time I think that Semlac is a beautiful place to spend six months of my life, I like the landscape here and the rural life in general.

Of course, at the moment I am trying to integrate me in the Community but until now people make it easy.

I am sure that Semlac is the best place that I could choose.

Thanks for all!


Ne vedem la Semlac