European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Serbia and Bosnia&Herzegovina


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With a few days holiday in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Some countries where many unknown but well worth a few days head out.

I have been visiting Belgrade. The city has a great strength. It shows all the energy of people who have left a relatively recent war. The city vibrates for every place you walk. Crowded, but I have not any feelings of stress, despite having many cars and a city in a predominantly gray (communist legacy).

There are still remnants of war. There are almost destroyed buildings, near another ones really news. And the truth is impressive enough, because it seems that the bombings were yesterday when you walk between these buildings.

The fortress of Belgrade (the old Belgrad) was built by the Turks before was discovered America.I will show you a photo of one gate of it with two towers.

After spending a day visiting the city, off for Sarajevo. 7 hours in a night bus. We arrived at 5.30 to Sarajevo This (is the part of Serbian Sarajevo, which must be a kind of independent party that they themselves know very well what it is). We took a taxi, it is 30 km from the old Sarajevo. Two men from there helped us. They hadn´t visited their country since 3 years (working in San Francisco, USA). So we negotiated a good price for the taxi.

I was tired, it was cold, raining … and again I was seeing more Communist-style buildings, I thought, I won´t like the city. It was more of the same you can find in eastern countries.

However, after finding our hostel and rested enough. We went to downtown. And I found one of the most magical places I had never seen. All of stone and very very old.

Vibrant and very quiet. This city has something special that grabs you from the begining. As the cemeteries surrounding the city and where you can see a panorama of the city. You can imagine how the population were surrounded and having a hard time. The city is in a valley surrounded by mountains.

After this really nice city, we went to Mostar . This city has something special too with a very special bridge. Therefore it seems fairy tale. Imagine that this bridge was destroyed by the same hands were made. The legend of one stone of the city is “Don´t forget”. It makes you think about.

Here you have some photos of each city and the panoramic route to Mostar. All green and beautiful mountains. The river we saw is one of the cleanest in Europe. It has a emerald green color without a trace of contamination.

Pd. all photos are on the order of the text.