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Something New!


Something New!

written by Antonia Wagner on Feb 19 2010 (17:19)

Soo, in the last two weeks we started to prepare our own project.

The Idea developed slowly over the last two months because all volunteers were really eager to start working and to help others through our voluntary-work.

When you live in Arad, it is nearly immpossibile not to notice the existence of the isolated poor-community in this city and if you speak with the inhabitants of Arad you will soon notice that also  the perception of this community is really unbalanced and often based on common Statements.

We know that as volunteers we don't have the resources, the time and the knowledge to achieve changes in the society but we thought that if we work all together we can encourage young people to think about their future plans, to open their minds and maybe to rethink about old prejudices and structures.

This is how the Idea to create a space for the young people of Arad was born. Through games, sport and intercultural exchange we have the idea that this space could be a meeting point for kids and teenagers from Arad city, from the poor community and also for us volunteers where we can exchange stories, experience, have fun and in this way, widen our horizons!

In Order to make this Project realizable we had many meetings with each other to exchange ideas, with people from the local government and also with Daniel from Millennium Center who was really helpful during the process of writing the project. Millennium Center encouraged us from the beginning of our stage to think about own projectsand also from the homepage we know that the Organisation is happy to help young people realizing their ideas.

We know that this project will not always be easy and there might be some challenges, but we are really motivated to start doing something useful and hopefully soon, we will!

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