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The spanish lessons in Covasint




The Rumanian and the Spanish languages belong to the same linguistic group. Both languages have Latin origin. For this reason, is not so difficult that spanish people learn romanian, and also is easy for romanian people to learn spanish.

When we decide to teach Spanish in the village, we knew that our pupils would learn rapidly. The experience has been like that. After several classes, we have verified that the boys and girls who come to the spanish lesson have facility great to learn the Spanish. Not only the oldest pupils (since we have pupils of very different ages), also the smallest improve in a few days.

Is easy to find in Romania people that speak spanish. Some of the reasons of this are: the great number of Rumanian immigrants who exist in Spain (many of which have returned to Romania), the influence of the Latin-American “telenovelas” (many Rumanians learn Spanish of the television), and also the influence of the Latin music.

Besides this, i think the rumanian people in general have a great facility for the languages. Many of them speak French, Italian, Spanish, German or Hungarian, like some examples. The English language is obligatory in the education from not a long time, but it is spoken by many young people also.