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What is the meaning of be a Volunteer?




Volunteer service

Some nonprofit organizations that provide young people accommodation and food in exchange for carrying out collaborative work and assistance in specific programs. It's a different kind of holiday or a period of our life and to combine the knowledge of another language and / or culture with the collaboration in a project of social, cultural or humanitarian character. A good choice: the European Voluntary Service (EVS) One of the European Union initiatives to promote mobility and mutual understanding is the Youth in Action program, effective for 2007-2013. One of the actions of the program is called European Voluntary Service, and is targeted at young people between 18 and 30 who wish to do voluntary work during the period up to one year in a project in a country other than the residence of applicants . For more specific information about each country, we recommend contacting the National Agency for Youth in Action Program.

Volunteer service international

International Voluntary Service came last century (1920) and includes actions in various fields ranging from education to voluntary cooperation in emergencies and humanitarian disasters, prevention and rural development. Their perspective is broader than the European Voluntary Service. Three major players in the process, the volunteer organization that sends and the recipient organization. Keep in mind that there is not always the organization that sends. For more complete information on the International Voluntary Service, advised to consult the guide International Voluntary Service

Personal experience

For me the volunteer service, in my case EVS (European Volunteer Service) is a big opportunity to understanding another country, involve you in a project, meet many people, know more about the other cultures, learn many things, travel…and many things. I think for everyone is different but for all of us is a good experience.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is part of the Youth Program, a program offered by the European Union supports the work of young people through international activities of character "non-formal education" as youth exchanges, voluntary service, youth initiatives, training for our professionals. EVS is one of the best opportunities for youth to enter the world of European projects and gain intercultural experience. EVS is to create a platform for international cooperation among volunteers and various organizations engaged in youth work. Moreover, the local community in a region, has a unique opportunity to experience another culture, share experiences, take a step forward in the promotion of Tolerance and tackle the topics. The same advantage, and even more will volunteer their participation in EVS.