European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Yesterday afternoon.



Yesterday afternoon, the twelfth of January, we arranged a small photo exhibition in the town hall of Paulis. This event was probably my actual debut as a volunteer, because for the very first time I felt like having accomplished something. To be honest at first my attitude towards this event was quite an unmotivated one, because again and as usual we completely failed in organizing things in a way that would permit us to have a proper overview of what we actually want and expect, so consequently there was not much expectation about anything- from my part at least. The day before the event two of us went to Arad in order to print the pictures that we had prepared (more or less- as usual, hmhm). One was missing since the last Friday, the other one left the house somewhere around eight o’clock in the morning. Unfortunately I’d left the USB stick with which the rest of us planned to work the next day on his laptop the night before, so with good intentions he took it with him to Arad. About two hours later this caused Maia walking up and down the living room disillusioned and in total despair, later resigned­. The two boys, namely Pablo who left at eight and Joakin who was probably still asleep in the Georgian girls’ flat, both lost there Romanian telephone card, consequently, it wasn’t possible to call them. Maia gave a last try and walked to the computer room fifteen minutes from our house in order to copy the photos of her choice on a CD-ROM and later go Arad herself. When I called her two hours later she was still in the computer room, enraged and annoyed by then, because things didn’t work out at all. After another hour I welcomed her back in the house, she had decided to give up, she wouldn’t go to Arad anymore, because it was already too late.

Instead we went out in order to hand out some more invitations at the old people’s home and the ABC bar.

Later when we were back we found the neighbour’s cousin and his cousin in our anteroom. When I asked them what they want, they replied that they would just finish there cigarettes. I didn’t quite understand, but said: ”bine.”, turned round and went to my room. When I went to the kitchen about ten minutes later they had taken a seat there and were talking to Maia who was kept busy with preparing the food for the next day. They refused tea, accepted a plate of cookies which they then didn’t touch. Still they didn’t really know what they were actually doing there and neither did I. We somehow came to conclusion that they were bored and waiting for the boys who would come at midnight what we didn’t know yet. About an hour later I invited the neighbor Adriana to come over, because from Maia I’d learned that they had been occupied by Manu’s(her husband’s) father since two hours already, so on the purpose of helping her out of this hardship, I called her. She came over. Her husband followed just an hour later. He installed a new cooker for us. Just when the neighbours, their cousin and his cousin were about to leave the boys finally arrived, by then it was midnight as I’ve written before. They were accompanied by three volunteers from Semlac who came for the exhibition. Loud music, searching the house for wine, Maia’s mayonnaise salad, as good as unhealthy as frequently made, we had dinner at one o’clock. The neighbors had left and I asked the boys for the printed photos. Well confusion of the term “copy shop” with “photo shop” caused the pictures being printed in a very low quality and bad resolution on a thin white non-photo paper. Well it was not fatal and funny, especially when we were then discussing those two terms which- I insisted on this- do not mean the same. In the end we laughed about it. In addition they hadn’t really got time for searching Arad for a proper photo shop, because they also had to do some shopping for the traditional dishes.

The next day- I went to bed first, because I had to get up the soonest- I woke up into a complete mess. Later I was told that Maia had been cooking till nine o’clock in the morning. I slightly remembered her entering the room around that time. I had to go to the city hall so as to take the photos and the material there which we would need later. I stuck my pictures to the wall and went to the city hall to make sure that the mayor is invited who turned out to have

absolutely no idea. Well then he was invited and confused as well as amused of our chaos.

I went back home where I prepared the dish that I would serve later.

Maia was preparing her sixth dish, I think, Joakin eating bread with olive oil and Pablo still asleep. When I finished my cooking, Pablo managed to get out of bed and finished his dish for the event. In the meanwhile Joakin went to the city hall and stuck the other pictures to the wall. I went to school half an hour before the event should take place and reminded the children of coming.

Of course we were behind the schedule, so came Ronela and I started preparing the buffet ten minutes past two(the exhibition was meant to start at two).

My colleagues where still missing. To our surprise and joy also the people of the old people’s home came.

At half past two we decided we should really open the buffet now to the people, because we didn’t want them to wait any longer. Right in this moment Maia came with a few more photos, some people were already eating. Half an hour later also the boys appeared, they had prepared Spanish Omelette and were therefore late. Sami the neighbor’s cousin finally turned on the music. Maia and me started dancing and soon we all ended up dancing in a circle in a group of fifteen people.

We were dancing till four o’clock when we had to close the city hall. It was such a pleasure to watch the little girls dancing, how their bodies are naturally moved within the music, their facial expression and delight that makes you wonder where they take all this sensuality from at their average age of six to seven years. I was especially take be two girls, one with curly black hair and obviously “roma” the other one the complete opposite with straight red hair and pale skin. I could have watched them for another two hours.

To end this text, all in all I’d say it was a very joyful and successful day for all of us and when I woke up this morning still very tired and actually feeling like staying in bed, the experience of the last day pushed me out of bed and made me go out for work.