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Youth Center in Covasint, important place in the village



In one village like Covasint (with about 2.600 inhabitants) to have a youth center is a really good thing. In Covasint, the people has not too much activities to realize, so is very important for them this infrastructure. Other remarkable buildings are the City Hall, the school or the kindergarten. And, the village has also a “Caminul Cultural”, that is the place where you can look some cultural events (a center for any kind of activities: carols, festivals, activities of volunteers, etc).

For the young people in Covasint, the youth center (Centrul de tineret) is the most important place in the village, and also is a particular characteristic that separates it from another villages in the zone (Paulis, Ghioroc, Cuvin, Lipova or Siria). The youth center is working from April 2007 and it belongs to the City Hall (Primaria comunei Covasint), associated with DJT Arad (Tinerlior Arad). In the center, the people can use five computers with free access to Internet and can use wireless also. On the other hand, there are different games like chess and other table games, so is frequent to see the young people play there.  Besides that, one important thing more, the youth center is a place to organize activities: educational activities (languages lesson –English, Spanish, French, etc.-, artist lesson or courses about different topics); activities about information for the young people; sport activities; culture activities, …

From February 2008, EVS volunteers in Covasint worked in this center. The youth center collaborates with Millenium Center in this program and we, volunteers in Covasint now, to work there. We work with the computers and we can organize some activities in the center; one example, the last month we collaborated in “Intercultural Seara” with DJT Arad.

About the people who usually are in the youth center, the majority users are boys. Normally, there are boys with ages between 10 and 20 years. Some girls go also to the youth center but it is not very frequent. The girls go when the activities are organized there and when they want to search information for the courses at school.

The Director of youth center, Mr. Raul Pascalau, is planning to improve the center with more resources and better materials.