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WE WILL MISS YOU! written by Maria Clara on Feb 03 2010 (22:13) From Saturday nothing will be the same in Arad because finally you are leaving us. Nothing will ...

Serbia and Bosnia&Herzegovina

With a few days holiday in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Some countries where many unknown but well worth a few days head out. I have been visiting Belgrade. The city ...

Salt mine in Turda

One month ago we went to visit the Turda Salt Mine, a mine which was in use in times of romanos. It´s near a large and university city called Cluj. It’s ...


I’m not a perfect girl. My fringe doesn’t always stay in its right place and I bite my nails. I’m pretty clumsy, forgetful and I hate short skirts. My friends ...

Intercultural Christmas Eve

This year we all had the chance to spend a Christmas Eve of another kind. Since half of the volunteer community decided, not to travel to their homecountries to celebrate ...

How the west was won

Hi Romania! Yes my friends, I begin with an american expression... to express how appeared the footballers from East Europe into the "European football", ya know, the great football leagues. ...

Little history of State Philharmonic from Arad

    In 1890 was founded the Philharmonic Society, an institution with an orchestra and choir concerts, and in 1913 is finished the building of the Cultural Palace, abode of culture, ...

My trip to Semlac

        The first weekend I was in Romania I decided to visit the village Semlac. There, I met many other volunteers, and of course I was very glad to also ...

Max's pictures

Enjoy my pictures of my EVS in Romania and my holidays in Hungary, Croatia and Greece: Photos.

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