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The present actvitity is structured on two stages. In the first stage, EVS volunteers and local volunteers will create the „Stakeholders` Map” (which has a duration of about 2 months). In the second stage, from the data collected and from the conclusions drawn regarding local realities and the distribution, inside the community of the stakeholders and of the relations between, EVS and local volunteers will identify those types of interventions that are needed to bring growth in the degree of trust between neighbors and at the level of the host community. They will also focus on the growth of the communication standards between stakeholders and on the prevention/reduction of conflicts. This way, volunteers together with local people, public institutions, economical agents and corporations will contribute to the arrangement, personalization, maintenance of public spaces: parks, playgrounds for children, river banks, and will take care of trees. EVS volunteers, together with the local ones will come with initiatives in order to raise the attention of locals on the importance of respect for the public domain and for fellow citizens, as well. 

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