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The EVS volunteers, together with the local volunteers will gather audio and video materials based on which they will make documentaries about the rural life, about the myths, the legends and about the local traditions. In order to accomplish this, the volunteers will be a part of the public life of the community, they will interview and organise discussions and debates on certain themes, they will do "study cases" and observe the particular characteristics of the host communities.

Every month the volunteers will organise public presentations of their materials, and at the end of the project, a public presentation of the documentary will be organised. Furthermore, at the end of their stay, the group of volunteers from each community will present a printed publication containing images that describe the life of the host community, as well as articles that describe their learning experience. Starting with the first days of their stay, after having got used to the surrounding realities of the host community, the EVS volunteers together with the local ones and under the local coordinator's supervision will make up the calendar of activities and their stages. At the same time, the volunteers' responsibilities will be assigned... 

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Personal project evaluation

-initial intention and goals of your initiative Know the reality of homeless people, their life, their reality, why one become a homeless and why options they have to go out ...

1 December in Alba Iulia

The 1st of December – a holiday for every Romanian. This year it was celebrated with great fanfare. Despite the bad weather, in Alba Iulia over a thousand people gathered ...

Together we can change the world

2011 is considered, by the European Commission, The European Year of Volunteering. I interviewed a volunteer, Adrian Vaşnic. He became a volunteer three years ago. He is a trainer and believes ...

De Crăciun, fii mai bun!

Se apropie Crăciunul!  Am sesizat că mai sunt zile numărate până la sărbătorile de iarnă, de fapt nici nu-i greu să-ţi dai seama după cât de comerciale au devenit acestea. ...

Te naşti sau înveţi să fii lider?!

90 la suta din persoane, conştient sau nu, îşi doresc sa conducă. Unii caută cărţi, alţii le citesc şi doar o mică parte dintre aceştia acţioneză. Nu intenţionez să scriu ...

How to start & How to break a relationship

Education in Arad

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Nowadays a good education is important for everyone’s future. The same is with Romania – especially since they are a ...


I record this video for a project in Millennium Center.

Great Experience in Romania

People are asking me why EVS? Why Romania, especially because my country is so, so similar with this state (just I don’t want to policy this subject). I have just ...

Employment in Arad

A federal office of Germany recently published statistics showing that Romanian salaries have increased the most in Europe. But when asking people on the street in Arad, many show their ...

A Caragiale with problems

5/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania

Rebengiuc & Dostoievsky

4/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania

A tired Tennessee Williams

3/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania

Dialogues and fantasies in jazz

2/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania

It couldn't start more classic

1/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania


I’m not a perfect girl. My fringe doesn’t always stay in its right place and I bite my nails. I’m pretty clumsy, forgetful and I hate short skirts. My friends ...

"Spectacol de muzica si dans" Arad

Romanian Food

I was very  interested in the romanian food. Then I went with another volunteers at the best restaurant in Arad, The restaurant Don, and we watched as they were preparing ...

Intercultural Evening in Micalaca

After three weeks living in Arad yesterday for the first time,all the volunteers we are living here prepared an intercultural event presenting ourselfs to the local people. Even if the ...

Intercultural Evening

Yesterday (Aug 19th) Reporters in Romania organized an Intercultural evening. We cooked a lot of different kind of meals from all over Europe (me and Sophia and Julia cooked German / ...

intercultural event

Yesterday we organized an intercultural event in our park in micalaca. From each country everybody cooked national food. Spanish people cooked omlette and gazpacho (it is like a tomatoe soup ...

intercultural event

Yesterday we organized an intercultural event in our park in micalaca. From each country everybody cooked national food. Spanish people cooked omlette and gazpacho (it is like a tomatoe soup ...

Intercultural Evening

Yesterday we had our first event behind our flat in a little park, where the neighbours use to sit in the evening chatting or going with their children there to ...

intercultural event

Yesterday we did a intercultural event among the residents of our neighborhood (Micalaca). We have prepared meals from different countries (Georgia, France, Moldova, Spain, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic  ). The Spanish ...

Intercultural event!!!

I am like at home here in Arad, I told, allready this. Even yesterday was first intercultural event, for me was one oportunity more to speak in my native language. ...

intercultural evening

First event for me and my group. Very interesting, i could spend some times with the neibourg, try to talk our first romanians words and  ...   exchange and share my ...

Romania - diferent poin of view

Hello! I am from Republic of Moldova, and now I am a volunteer in Romania, here I will be reporter through “Stakeholder in action” project. It will be an opportunities ...

cultural shock?! - no



After all kind of shakings and storms, the calm always comes back, the stillness, the silence. It's the natural state of mind (who would say it!). The place where all ...

Who I am???

I am Federica.I live in Modena a city in the nord of Italy, maybe you could know Modena for Ferrari, Pavarotti and Aceto Balsamico. I am 24 years old, I ...

First impressions

My first impression about Romania is very positive. It’s a very nice country. I like it very much. The first, I was week in Predeal, beautiful place in middle of ...

Newsletter "De Creaciun"


Plecam, maaa

Everything that starts has to finish. After six months here, we have to leave the Covasint. It has been a long winter, not very cold, according to the people, but ...

Maria Tănase, Renewer of Romanian Folk Music

"The Romanian Edith Piaf"  It was quite simple the way I discovered the name of Maria Tănase and her music. Making a research about Romanian folk music on the Internet, ...

Emil Cioran y el futuro del cianuro.

Conocí a Cioran antes de venir a Rumanía; un amigo bastante divertido y sin fe alguna en nada de nada me habló de lo mucho que le gustaba este pensador, ...

Forum Theatre with pupils from school

    In February I decide to organize a Forum Theater with children grades 8, 7, 6 from school and the topic of this theater was about discrimination situations that has ...

“4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days”: Reflections

For sure, one of the most famous Rumanian movies is “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days” (2007), written and directed by Cristian Mungiu. It won the Palme d’Or at ...

Event special for Women

   This Sunday me and Marimar organize for women’s and miss from Covasint a day only for them, because us you know it was Women’s Day in 8 March. For ...

Blog about Semlac

I would like introduce one project that we are making in Semlac, the project is a blog about Semlac and about our activities there, but not only this, you can ...

What is the meaning of be a Volunteer?

Volunteer service Some nonprofit organizations that provide young people accommodation and food in exchange for carrying out collaborative work and assistance in specific programs. It's a different kind of holiday ...


During my infancy, the fiction figure of Dracula was constantly present as something incredibly attractive. I was impressed with his characterization, so dark and so mysterious, so implacable with his ...

Legende ale Martisorului

Mărţişorul este un simbol al primăverii, al revenirii la viaţă, al puterii şi norocului … Se crede că sarcina realizării acestor mici simboluri numite Martisoare le revenea femeilor, care începeau ...

Legends of Martisor

Martisorul is a specifically Romanian holiday, which celebrate coming of spring. In this day people offer each other martisoare, like a little present. There is a supposition that martisoarele bring ...

Colleagues from Covasint

   Being spread in Covasint community I was lucky to have as colleagues 3 people in Spain: Maria del Mar, Jesus, Juan Jo. Living together with them I discovered cultural ...

Colegii din Covasint

Fiind repartizata in comuna Covasint am avut norocul sa am ca colegi 3 persoane din Spania: Maria del Mar, Jesus, Juan Jo. Locuind impreuna cu ei in Covasint am descoperit ...

What is EVS?


The spanish lessons in Covasint

The Rumanian and the Spanish languages belong to the same linguistic group. Both languages have Latin origin. For this reason, is not so difficult that spanish people learn romanian, and ...

How the west was won

Hi Romania! Yes my friends, I begin with an american expression... to express how appeared the footballers from East Europe into the "European football", ya know, the great football leagues. ...

Mihai Eminescu, 160 years

The first time that I had notice of Mihai Eminescu was in a tourist office of Romania; I saw a poster with the national money notes and immediately realize that ...

Cimitirul in Semlac

This morning when I woke up I have finally decided to visit the Cemetry of Semlac. The Cemetry in Semlac is close to the train station, so many times before ...

Environemental sanitation in Covasint

The environmental sanitation in Covasint is looking good. There are 70 beneficiaries of medical assistance per day. The Medical Centre it’s open from 7:00 till 12:00 and at the moment ...

Rumanian identity

How are the Rumanian people? When someone from Spain ask me this question (frequently a relatives or a friend), and after three months of staying in this country, I find ...

A Brief Guide to Romanian Indie Music

Apart from manele, classic hard rock bands and folk music, there is (there is!) an indie music scene in Romania, one that can be interesting for a listener used to ...

International Evening


Calendar of activities in Covasint

Here you have our calendar of activities (october-january). We think is a good resume of the job we are making here.  O zi buna!


Romanian Orthodox Church in Semlac is dedicated to St. John Chrysostom and was built in 1771 to replace an old wooden churches. The place, which is located the church,  corresponds ...


Chapter One. Ceausescu. Was born on 26th of January 1918, in a family of farmers. With 13 years old, he went to Bucharest to work in the industry, and with ...

Yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon, the twelfth of January, we arranged a small photo exhibition in the town hall of Paulis. This event was probably my actual debut as a volunteer, because for ...

Dobasii in Ziua de Craciun

”Dobaşi” este o formaţie de 12 băieţi dintre care un voievod şi un toboşar. De ce sunt 12? Deoarece Mântuitorul a avut 12 Apostoli. Pe stradă voievodul merge primul după ...

My impressions after the debates

    Last Wednesday, 9 december we decided to organize debates at the school. In the English lessons we proposed some topics to be followed. I was glad to see the ...

Seara Interculturala (18/12/09)

Last 18 of December the volunteers of Covasint and the DJT Arad organized a intercultural evening in which it was showed to some people of the village some activities about ...

Debates 16/12/09

Here they are our three debates of the week. Soon we will upload pictures about this and the last week ones. FOURTH DEBATE 2030: You and the world Date: 16 ...

Debates 09/12/09

Here we are starting a new serie of articles about the debates that are taking place in the School of Covasint. We will show you the first six (divided in ...


                                                                                                                            DOBAŞII In this article, i will speak about the Dobaşii; every crismas, a group of more or less seven boys make a show between 24th-25th of December. The ...

Meeting the neighbors

  Marina and Christina, Claire and me, Elena, we are volunteers in a community named Semlac. During the period we are here, more than one month, we have met a ...

November Newsletter



Semlac is a Comuna close to Arad where people live quite but at the same time in an active way. For this reason four volunteers from different countries and from ...

About Rumanian Education

In Romania, the education is obligatory from 5 to 16 years (degree X), although this system is very recent. Since before, obligatory education was until 14 years. After this stage, ...

The grey entourage

The next visit was to the Orthodox Church in Covasint. The priest, a young man that always took my notebook and my pen from my hands and wrote what he ...

El séquito gris

La siguiente visita ya fue a la Iglesia Ortodoxa de Covasint. El cura, un hombre joven, que siempre me cogía la libreta y el boli y escribía lo que quería ...

Five believers

Can you imagine a village where the major, the doctor and the teacher have yet the aura of people that still decide in the community and that not seem a ...

Los cinco creyentes

Imagine un pueblo de caminos de tierra, donde el alcade, el doctor y los maestros aún tienen el aura de decidir algo, siguen pegados a la tierra y no parecen ...

Calendar of activities

This is my last contribution to Stakeholders' website... The calendar started by me and Sigi in July and that I finished this week. Because I want to stay in touch ...

Newsletter Septiembre

We write every month a newsletter, so we have here my last article!!

Newsletter Septiembre

A preview of what can be found in the new issue of the journal Millennium Center. Community of Arad.

PHOTO&VIDEO exposition

We are organizing a big event in Arad. This is the big flyer...nice, no?? Hope to have a lot of people..we are doing our best! See you there!

middle trainings

how we make a reportage !!!! we are good reporter, isn`t it

Max's pictures

Enjoy my pictures of my EVS in Romania and my holidays in Hungary, Croatia and Greece: Photos.

presentation of the community

If you want to know something about us that you maybe you don't know it is!

Newsletter Iulie

This is our wonderful newsletter of July :) Enjoy reading it!

My personnal project about Juniors & Seniors

Download the pdf files to have a look on some Juniors' dreams & Seniors' stories...

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