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The Municipality of Arad is placed in the western part of Romania, in the alluvial field of Arad, at the intersection of some important national and international traffic highways. The Mureş River crosses it from east to the west. The Municipality of Arad has a rich cultural and historical patrimony. It offers to the visitors a real out-door museum of the architectural styles specific to the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries, art and historical monuments, theatre performances, philharmonic orchestra concerts, plastic art exhibitions, history museum exhibitions, art and sciences of the nature, festivals and feasts... 

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written by Märt Pentson on Jan 22 2010 (16:43) Although our fabolous newsletter got ready already in november, we recived them printed now couple of weeks ago (due to holidays, ...

Activities in Revista Liceului Grup Scolar Forestier

written by Märt Pentson on Nov 10 2009 (23:10) During the first two months we stepped the first steps which were introducing ourselves, our countries and our intentions to everyone. ...

Activities in Revista Liceului Grup Scolar Forestier

written by Märt Pentson on Nov 10 2009 (23:43) During the first two months we stepped the first stepts which were introducing ourselves, our countries and our intentions to everyone. ...

About me.

written by Märt Pentson on Nov 10 2009 (23:05) About me and myself               Hello I am Märt Pentson and I am from Estonia! I am 19 years old and ...


WE WILL MISS YOU! written by Maria Clara on Feb 03 2010 (22:13) From Saturday nothing will be the same in Arad because finally you are leaving us. Nothing will ...

First days of work

First days of work written by Maria Clara on Nov 15 2009 (21:46) After two weeks of introduction and approach to the local community we have finally started doing some ...

Woman’s day in kindergarten

Woman’s day in kindergarten     written by Michele Santarcangelo on Mar 24 2010 (11:56) In 8th of March 2010, I went in the kindergarten in Micalaca, in a beautiful ...

Life in Arad

Life in Arad written by Michele Santarcangelo on Feb 19 2010 (12:28) Communities Arad, Arad Hello people!i'm in Arad since the last December and now I'm feeling a little part ...

More projects to come !

More projects to come ! written by Tony Egler on Oct 23 2009 (16:10) Ok so i am still in Santana and i have started  some new projects. Maby not ...

Description of work

Description of work written by Tony Egler on Oct 05 2009 (19:40) Hallo europe, Milleniumcenter, germany and anyone else. I would like to tell you a bit about my work ...

Something New!

Something New! written by Antonia Wagner on Feb 19 2010 (17:19) Soo, in the last two weeks we started to prepare our own project. The Idea developed slowly over the ...

Трамвай, die Straßenbahn, tramvai –- story of the TRAM

Tram is train-alike public transport vehicle that is moving on rails. Some people mix up trams with trolley's (electric buses, which use twin trolley poles to draw its power from ...

Personal project evaluation

-initial intention and goals of your initiative Know the reality of homeless people, their life, their reality, why one become a homeless and why options they have to go out ...

My personal project

Initial intention and goals of my initiative: To work with disabilites children to give them a same chance like the other Means of achieving it  To learn some games , ...

Personal Project

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1 December in Alba Iulia

The 1st of December – a holiday for every Romanian. This year it was celebrated with great fanfare. Despite the bad weather, in Alba Iulia over a thousand people gathered ...

Together we can change the world

2011 is considered, by the European Commission, The European Year of Volunteering. I interviewed a volunteer, Adrian Vaşnic. He became a volunteer three years ago. He is a trainer and believes ...

De Crăciun, fii mai bun!

Se apropie Crăciunul!  Am sesizat că mai sunt zile numărate până la sărbătorile de iarnă, de fapt nici nu-i greu să-ţi dai seama după cât de comerciale au devenit acestea. ...

Te naşti sau înveţi să fii lider?!

90 la suta din persoane, conştient sau nu, îşi doresc sa conducă. Unii caută cărţi, alţii le citesc şi doar o mică parte dintre aceştia acţioneză. Nu intenţionez să scriu ...

How to start & How to break a relationship

Education in Arad

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Nowadays a good education is important for everyone’s future. The same is with Romania – especially since they are a ...


I record this video for a project in Millennium Center.

Great Experience in Romania

People are asking me why EVS? Why Romania, especially because my country is so, so similar with this state (just I don’t want to policy this subject). I have just ...

Employment in Arad

A federal office of Germany recently published statistics showing that Romanian salaries have increased the most in Europe. But when asking people on the street in Arad, many show their ...

Place you might not know about

Escaping the civilization we live in has been sort of a trend lately. All those things around us giving us the feeling of necessity, all those people requiring our attention ...

A Caragiale with problems

5/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania

Rebengiuc & Dostoievsky

4/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania

A tired Tennessee Williams

3/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania

Dialogues and fantasies in jazz

2/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania

It couldn't start more classic

1/5 article about the International Festival of Theatre in Arad, Romania


I’m not a perfect girl. My fringe doesn’t always stay in its right place and I bite my nails. I’m pretty clumsy, forgetful and I hate short skirts. My friends ...

"Spectacol de muzica si dans" Arad

Romanian Food

I was very  interested in the romanian food. Then I went with another volunteers at the best restaurant in Arad, The restaurant Don, and we watched as they were preparing ...

Intercultural Evening in Micalaca

After three weeks living in Arad yesterday for the first time,all the volunteers we are living here prepared an intercultural event presenting ourselfs to the local people. Even if the ...

Intercultural Evening

Yesterday (Aug 19th) Reporters in Romania organized an Intercultural evening. We cooked a lot of different kind of meals from all over Europe (me and Sophia and Julia cooked German / ...

intercultural event

Yesterday we organized an intercultural event in our park in micalaca. From each country everybody cooked national food. Spanish people cooked omlette and gazpacho (it is like a tomatoe soup ...

intercultural event

Yesterday we organized an intercultural event in our park in micalaca. From each country everybody cooked national food. Spanish people cooked omlette and gazpacho (it is like a tomatoe soup ...

Intercultural Evening

Yesterday we had our first event behind our flat in a little park, where the neighbours use to sit in the evening chatting or going with their children there to ...

intercultural event

Yesterday we did a intercultural event among the residents of our neighborhood (Micalaca). We have prepared meals from different countries (Georgia, France, Moldova, Spain, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic  ). The Spanish ...

Intercultural event!!!

I am like at home here in Arad, I told, allready this. Even yesterday was first intercultural event, for me was one oportunity more to speak in my native language. ...

intercultural evening

First event for me and my group. Very interesting, i could spend some times with the neibourg, try to talk our first romanians words and  ...   exchange and share my ...

Romania - diferent poin of view

Hello! I am from Republic of Moldova, and now I am a volunteer in Romania, here I will be reporter through “Stakeholder in action” project. It will be an opportunities ...

cultural shock?! - no



After all kind of shakings and storms, the calm always comes back, the stillness, the silence. It's the natural state of mind (who would say it!). The place where all ...

Who I am???

I am Federica.I live in Modena a city in the nord of Italy, maybe you could know Modena for Ferrari, Pavarotti and Aceto Balsamico. I am 24 years old, I ...

First impressions

My first impression about Romania is very positive. It’s a very nice country. I like it very much. The first, I was week in Predeal, beautiful place in middle of ...

Voluntar pentru mine insami

Pubela cu confesiuni

Cultura ecologica


Career lessons in Curcubeu Center

Newsletter - Career workshops in Curcubeu From the middle of April, several workshops about career advice were held by volunteers in Curcubeu, a center for Roma children of all ages.  ...

Intercultural Christmas Eve

This year we all had the chance to spend a Christmas Eve of another kind. Since half of the volunteer community decided, not to travel to their homecountries to celebrate ...

Checheci Misery

One week before Christmas I’ve seen the biggest misery I’ve ever witnessed till now, in Romania and in general. At school we have a 8-year-old student of Roma origin, Florin. ...

1st March in Romania

Here is a little displayer I made about the first of March here in Romania.

What is EVS?

Of one's free will

Everyone who is doing or has done a European Voluntary Service must have come in touch with the various demands of this status. You have to meet certain formal non-formal ...

Staying healthy and active

The image of a volunteer is usually that of an active and involved person. This is, most of the time, true. However, the lifestyle of an EVS volunteer in Romania ...

First sight of Romania

My name is Jeanne. I am here in Romania to make a European Volontary Service for 6 months. My organisation in Arad is Millennium Center Association and I will work ...

Calendar of activities

This is my last contribution to Stakeholders' website... The calendar started by me and Sigi in July and that I finished this week. Because I want to stay in touch ...

Newsletter Septiembre

A preview of what can be found in the new issue of the journal Millennium Center. Community of Arad.

PHOTO&VIDEO exposition

We are organizing a big event in Arad. This is the big flyer...nice, no?? Hope to have a lot of people..we are doing our best! See you there!

Max's pictures

Enjoy my pictures of my EVS in Romania and my holidays in Hungary, Croatia and Greece: Photos.

presentation of the community

If you want to know something about us that you maybe you don't know it is!

Newsletter Iulie

This is our wonderful newsletter of July :) Enjoy reading it!

My personnal project about Juniors & Seniors

Download the pdf files to have a look on some Juniors' dreams & Seniors' stories...

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