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Centro Andaluz de Iniciativas Internacionales

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We are a local n-profit association that work in collaboration to Cordoba Munipality  and Cordoba Provincial Goverment. of Cordoba- County Council  (Provincial government) has as one of his main works provide technical, economic and juridical support to the municipalities and the coordination events. Diputacion works jointly with the City councils on the development of youth policies, included at the Provincial Plan of Youth 2003-2007; where there are articulated and detached the different programs that are carried out in the Province of Córdoba.The Province is composed by 75 municipalities and 4 Minor Local authorities.On 7th of March 2000 (tuesday) begann the consultancy about activities abroad through the Young Office for International Activities. This was after an agreement signed, between the Department of Youth (Equality Area) of the City Council of Córdoba and the Andalusian Centre Association of International Initiatives.

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