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AIPC-Pandora is a non-profit organization which has a global objective to study and understand the different cultures of the world in order to discover their individual values and traditions and spread them; promote their integration in the world, and foster the learning, communication and dialogue between all of themOur guiding principle is that of equality of opportunities in the education and progress of each culture with the guarantee of respect to human rights and liberties. As such, high-priority is given to activities related to non-formal education, always in an intercultural context, and activities that foment the progress and mobility of the people of the world.A great part of our work is oriented to promote cultural interchange, offering to the greatest amount of people possible the opportunity to travel and spend a period of time outside their own country to learn and understand another culture, explore social interaction, and to progress as much at a professional level as a personal one. Leaving abroad foments mind opening and personal development as well as helps young people increase their social and work skills and thus prepare them to respond with enthusiasm and realism to our world's global challenges. Helping youth with fewer opportunities is a priority for AIPCP ANDORA, we are constantly trying to improve education methodologies and efficient means of action and integration which allows them to choose their future.At AIPC-PANDORA we are working towards socio-cultural integration by means of three Action Groups or Programs:1. Integration through the MOBILITY of people in the world. We do this with the conviction that actions such as travelling, getting to know different places, to coexist with different cultures and to learn languages, are experiences that help people open their minds and become more tolerant, foment communication and cultural exchange and thereafter they better appreciate the coexistence of our multicultural societies.2. Integration through SOCIO-CULTURAL LEARNING. There are many people living today who experience difficulties in adjusting to the social structure, this can be because of immediate environmental concerns, their cultural or social origin, etc. In order to contribute to the improvement of adaptation processes we offer extracurricular courses in different subjects, as much to the foreign population as to the Spanish that have experienced social changes in their surroundings. All the courses are based on our own methodology for "social prevention", and provide programs that combine training or professional orientation activities with leisure and alternatives to the use of free time. They always combine an educational element with the value of enjoyment with the aim of making education attractive and achieving the objective in the most efficient way. The principles in Education for Active Citizenship and in the Education of Values are the basis on which the training and leisure programs are designed.3. Integration through EMPLOYMENT. lt is a reality that, in today's world, people achieve a more complete integration if they can find employment. For obvious reasons, employment is one of the best tools to allow a person to feel that they at least belong to the society and culture in which they live.AIPC-Pandora team is composed of six permanent staff members, 3 people on a part time contract and 6 collaborators. It also counts on a mean of 7 permanent volunteers and 15 for specific projects. AIPC-P ANDORA is the Spanish member of the EIL Federation, Experiment in International Living, founded in 1954 with 25 members in 25 countries. EIL Federation promotes the participation of people in intercultural learning programs all over the world, with the objective of working towards world citizenship and peace. 

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