European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Associazione Interculturale NUR

Italy Italy

Please present briefly your aims and regular activities. Add information about the staff of your organisation as well as the target group you generally work with. Associazione Interculturale NUR is a non profit organization that works in the field of the cultural integration, sponsoring and realizing cultural events, formative experiences and information channels for the Sardinians youth and local regional associations. It has been constituted in 1999 by people motivated by a strong interest for culture and cultural differences. It has been working as an EVS sending and coordinating organization since 2000. It sent almost 70 volunteers and we receive 15 ones.Its main fields of interest includes the promotion of any kind of exchange between cultures, the fight against all forms of racism and xenophobia, the diffusion of new media as cultural instruments and any form of non formal training for youth and young adults.

Cristina Oggiano   

0039 0703 013 81