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Azerbaijan Voluntary Public Union

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Volunteers' Public Union (AVPU) is non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in November, 2001 and registered in August, 2003. As non-profit organizatiobn AVPU's main activity strategy based on grants awarded by different local and international donors.

The aim of creating AVPU is to develop the volunteers' work in Azerbaijan, promote solution of society's problems and improve the well - being of vulnerable population. The youth of AVPU, with the help of attracted volunteers, creates all the necessary conditions for rendering dratuitous benevolent assistance to the vulnerable people of all the different social levels of sociecty; promotes the democratization process in Azarbaijan by educating human rights in various regions and settlements of the country. In the period of strengthening the process of Azrbaijan's integration into the World, the broad exchange of experience promotes the development of volunteers' work as well.

Ilkin Haciyev

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