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Barcelona Voluntaria is an organization with clearly international views. It manages and develops different actions and projects directed towards other countries: o Youth exchanges: the meeting places which have the aim to support the mutual understanding among different cultures by means of living together and creating the space where they can exchange their opinions and diverse feelings. These exchanges rely on the help of European Commission. o European Voluntary Service: it is one of the actions of Youth in Action Program. This is a program of non-formal education dedicated for all the young people living in one of the European countries being 18-30 years old, which gives the possibility to do some voluntary activities between 2-12 months. o Trainings and seminars: actions to support the European politics dedicated to young people and to innovate the subjects of education and international cooperation. These actions offer the participation in practical trainings, the trainings courses, seminars and contact making seminars. Moreover, we manage thematic projects of social collaboration. These are proper projects with concrete associations, which develop issues considered to be within the interest of entities. In order to perform all these projects, the high level of mutual knowledge and trust among members is required. o BV-Un techo Para mi País: one Chilean organization "Un Techo para mi País" is developing very important social work in Latin America. Having a network of volunteers it is responsible for building houses for people having less favored social background. Barcelona Voluntaria wants to be the "bridge" organization with Europe to contribute to the expansion of this network, to enable the starting of the project in other Latin American countries. PROJECT "CONOCE MI PAÍS" (GET TO KNOW MY COUNTRY) : The mutual knowledge is necessary to manage the good intergration among immigrants. The good idea/tool would be the facilitation of the knowledge about the background of the immigrants. Barcelona Voluntaria started one program with that idea, which should allow students who share their aulas with Morrocan students to go all together to visit Marroco. The member which is responsible for managing that project is Association Bourgreg, which we believe it can guarantee the quality and the utility of the program. We continue the cooperation with different Moroccan associations coordinated by Chantiers Sociaux Marrocains. Specifically during 2005 we realized: training course organized in Tánger and dedicated to local entities working within the volunteering context and project management; work camp; French course for woman; Catalan course for the young. BV is an organization with international profile, but it also looks at the local level of the society. It means that BV apart from developing international projects , helps the young people who have own initiatives to do some projects in their district or city, but they do not know how to manage them. Our organization in frames of the project "Iniciativas Jóvenes" is responsible for facilitating some advice to socially motivated young people.On the other hand, BV does the self-assessment of its own activities and for this it has developed the project "Máxima Utilidad" ("the highest utility"), which analyzes the experience gathered during youth programs. BV believes that its projects always have to offer the highest possible quality. Because of this, BV performs different actions which are supposed to improve the management of its projects. Barcelona Voluntaria, as organization with international profile, is the member of different non-governmental associations coming from various countries. These networks allow BV to meet its objectives and increase the quality of its projects. Moreover, they are necessary to establish the international structures which are stronger and to receive the highest possible number of opportunities to develop new projects. Work structure in the association : management, international volunteerism, trainings and seminars ,youth exchanges ,communication, corporative image and participation and specific projects.We conduct our activities mainly for the local youth and associations and the target group of our actions are young people with fewer opportunities. 

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