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Conseil général du Morbihan

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Since 2001, the general council has decided to open Morbihan to Europe and the rest of the world. This policy rests on the Europe and international department which is composed of four persons:- the department head,- an official representative for the "GUIDEurope and European policies and programs",- an official representative for the "International mobility for young people, international aid and cooperation",- an assistant.The department's missions are:- European and international mobility for young people,- Bi-lateral cooperations in Europe (Germany, Italy, Poland) and with the rest of the world (Mali, Vietnam),- European Union policies and programs- Information about the European Union, in particular with the GUIDEurope label,Subsidies to support projects of international solidarity and economic cooperation carried by associations, schools and other structures of the department of Morbihan.As for young people, the aim of our structure is to reveal their awareness about the Europe they live in and to give them information about how travelling in and out of Europe, while they are at schoolor except the educrional system. So we develop partnerships with schools and associations of Morbihan and we work in the frame of the partnerships we have with Germany, Poland, Italy, Mali and Vietnam.Since 2002, the general council has also been labellised GUIDEurope (departmental counter for information about Europe) by the French Ministry of European Affairs. We organise and take part to events about the european building and citizenship. For us, the persons who participate on this this activity reflect a certain European and international dynamism, that is why we would like to continue to host European volunteers.

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